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Protecting Yourself Against Email Scams

We all have received a scam email. You know the obvious one, the email that claims you were named as a beneficiary in a will from a Nigerian prince. The prince wasn’t real of course, but the person receiving the money from those he scammed was real. He was a 67-year old man living in New Orleans, Louisiana (US) and he is now facing 269 counts of wire fraud and one account of money laundering... Read more

Protect Yourself Against Phone Scams

We have all received a phone call from an unknown number and while a lot of us ignore them, those that answer are often greeted by a would-be scammer on the other end. Some scammers show up as missed calls from overseas but some scammers are from people claiming to be from Centrelink or the ATO. Many assume because Centrelink and the ATO are legit, the person on the other end is too. ... Read more