Did You know?

FiftyUps represent $5 in every $10 of national household buying power but studies have found the majority of us feel "overlooked" by Corporate Australia.


The FiftyUp Club Story

The FiftyUp Club was created in 2013 to help consumers 50 and over get the discounts, special offers, information and influence we deserve.

By the start of 2022, more than 430,000 members had already joined up, to date.

The Club is built upon a simple belief that FiftyUps are, more often than not, the best customers a company can hope for. We are often lower risk, higher value, and we stick with providers we like and respect - sometimes to our own detriment!

FiftyUps have more than 50% of Australia’s household wealth (national household buying power), but studies have found the majority of us feel "overlooked" by Corporate Australia (AHRC). 

So the FiftyUp Club uses the combined buying power of over 430,000 members to date to work with providers of essential household goods and services to see if we can unlock improved value for our members.

By joining the Club, without cost or obligation, you will help unlock discounts and products and services specifically released for FiftyUp consumers. Once you are registered, the Club will let you know when campaigns, discounts and special offers are available via our email, TV and radio announcements. You will not be obligated to take up any special offers that you receive access to as part of your involvement with the FiftyUp Club. We always urge our members to use the offers to shop around.

(Sources: Australian Bureau of Statistics; Mi9 Reports; The Australian Human Rights Commission.)