NewsMembers save big on quality Life Insurance for FiftyUps

Members save big on quality Life Insurance for FiftyUps

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 11.48.12 AM“I saved over $80 per month [by switching from] a similar policy with another company,” says FiftyUp Club member Daniel Prokop, 59, who just took up the Life Insurance special offer we’ve negotiated for Australia’s best customers.

The product is fully underwritten, with optional trauma and income protection cover, and it’s from 135-year-old provider NobleOak.

“NobleOak completed my application over the phone and approved my policy within 48 hours,” said Daniel. “Needless to say I am extremely satisfied with their service, efficiency and responsiveness.”

Walter Diecke, 57, pictured, also wrote to say thanks.

“Not only did we receive prompt, friendly and professional service, we also saved ourselves $500 per annum.”

Hundreds of FiftyUp Club members have now got quick quotes. If you have Life Insurance or you’ve been thinking about it, be sure to take a look and compare.

According to an independent analysis of the 14 major insurers by Rice Warner Actuaries, the FiftyUp Club Life Insurance offer has the lowest premiums for over-50s, with an average saving of 32%.*

Click here to get a quick online quote or call NobleOak on 1300 041 494.

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Members save big on quality Life Insurance for FiftyUps

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klaus H
klaus H from NSW commented:

I cant find a Gas provider only one electricity 

Maree from NSW commented:

HI there, If you saved $80 per month and there are 12 months in a year, wouldn't that be $960 and not $500. It makes it hard to trust that statement. 

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