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FiftyUpHi Fellow Members,

Isn’t it funny in life how often matters which are unrelated can converge?

Here we are at the FiftyUp Club about to celebrate our first anniversary and sure enough it looks like we will crack the magic 100,000 members mark around the same time.

I am very proud of our success and much of it is due to you, twenty of you in particular.

The team here and I have gone through some of our records and identified twenty members who’ve gone beyond the call of duty when it comes to passing on details of the FiftyUp Club to friends and family (by forwarding the link on the home page).

I am in process of writing to each of those members with a thank you note, and asking for a photo so we can acknowledge their efforts publicly.

Interestingly, or sadly, the first feedback has been suspicion!

The first few members to respond were skeptical that my letter was genuine, and had to check. I do find that amusing. We are all so bombarded with personalised sales material that when the real thing drops in the in-box we’re not sure anymore.

But, I can assure you the letters from me are genuine, and I look forward to your responses. I have promised discretion with only the use of first names and will only publish photos from those who send one.

We here at the Club want to celebrate those members’ efforts by introducing them to the rest of you.

As for the 100,000. We are so close!

If you haven’t forwarded the link to anybody yet, now might be a good time. It’s very simple. You will find the link on the front page of your Dashboard and all you have to do is pass it on.

That’s how we get the numbers, and that’s how we get the strength.

I’d love to kick off with Sharyn’s story. Sharyn has sent back a photo (very nice) and writes:

“I still haven’t switched or tried anything myself as yet but the deals are great. Come October I will be in a better place to possibly try some of the deals. I know my brother in law and sister switched to Click Energy”.

Now that’s what we want to hear. Thank you Sharyn.

And another thanks to you all; let’s pull together and make that last burst to the finish line.

Warm Regards,

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Betty from NSW commented:

Thanks for your reply. It has to do with the Medicare Safety Net which is discriminatory inasmuch as it applies only to out-of-hospital accounts and not in-hospital accounts for diagnostic imaging procedures which are often sky high. I have had four admissions during 2013/14. Medicare only pays the schedule fee which is not very much at all. There is an admission ceiling of $400 (for each admission!!! I am quite elderly and enjoy being a member of FiftyUp Club. Alan Jones is a great person and is very knowledgeable and tries to help his listeners. I cannot phone through as I have a problem with my speaking on the phone. Alan always tells the truth and speaks without fear or favour. Great man. He has received a copy of my letters also but no reply. Am I able to send the correspondence via FiftyUp Club. Recommend the Club to friends. Betty Whiffin. 

Betty from NSW commented:

Thanks John. I sent one to Underwood St and it was not returned. I sent another to the same address. It was returned. Both by post as I sent on some copies of other correspondence. 

Jeff from NSW commented:

My wife and I secured insurance on both our cars, the house and contents plus we moved over to CLICK energy through our membership of FiftyUp Club, and I finally convinced 3 couples we are friends with to get with the program. Well done John Mangos and everyone who is connected with this great idea 

Brian from NSW commented:

Is this a propaganda attempt to make Click Energy look good or something? Seriously! Given all the negative comments on the forums about them and why the FiftyUp Club is continuing to push them, this only further questions what the Club is more interested in, kick backs or members! 

Brian from NSW commented:

I have passed the message around at every opportunity, people power is long over due. I have changed to Click Energy after my original supplier dropped the discount we were having by 50% !! My neighbours had the same problem, so I changed them over at the same time.. We both got a call to change back at a better discount, but still not as good as Click.....we are both very pleased with the savings so far.We did contemplate the Easy Going Green Solar energy, it is a great offer, but decided against it for the moment. 

Alistair from NSW commented:

I switched to Click Energy, after my previous supplier informed me that they were cutting my discount by 3 % and did not give any reason for the reduction. After switching I then received a phone call from them to say that they had made a mistake and would reinstate my discount !!!!!!!!!!. As yet to get an account from Click, but anticipate a good saving and an ongoing commitment from Click, to assist in the further reduction of account, where possible. 

Roberta from NSW commented:

I am very happy with Click Energy. I recommended them to my friend who joined up but has had some problems with them. However, I am confident that it will all work out well for her in the end and she too will enjoy the savings. 

Betty from NSW commented:

I am trying to contact you John by post but have not had a reply to two letters. The first address was given me by the FiftyUp Club to which I did not receive a reply. Then the second one was sent back with the address given to me by FiftyUp Club. This was returned yesterday. Betty Whiffin 

John from NSW replied to Betty:

Hi Betty, I cannot explain that. My email address is real. Please try again or leave a number and I will call you, Cheers, John 

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