NewsThe Census- What You Need To Know

The Census- What You Need To Know

Next week around nine million households will be asked by the Australian Bureau of Statistics to fill out Census forms.

Personal data from families will be kept for four years rather than the 18 months, which has raised fears about private data leaking.

The option to complete the census online will save the government around $100 million but there has been much talk in the media with many wanting assurances they won’t be fined for not completing the Census form.

The other problem is the amount of older Australians who prefer a paper copy of the census, not being able to contact the Australian Bureau of Statistics by phone.

Meanwhile crossbencher Nick Xenophon called for the census to be delayed because of data storage delays and also today reported an “overwhelming number of calls, complaints and online feedback of problems with Census 2016”.

Households should have received a letter addressed “To the Resident” with information and a unique login number enabling them to go online and complete their census. In some metro, rural and remote areas Census Field Officers will drop off forms.

A dedicated telephone service has been established to assist with inquiries on 1300 214 531. There’s also information on how to request a paper form if required by calling a dedicated 24-hour paper form request line on 1300 820 275. The ABS has made additional call centre resources available to deal with an increasing number of inquiries ahead of census night.

The online form is available now for early returns. To complete the Census online click here.


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The Census- What You Need To Know

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John from QLD commented:

only 5 days to go and had no Info at all in the Post , spoke to several people and funny quite a lot did not know the census was even On , now Friday so how do we find out how to do it on line , if so many doing it will it be a log jam on line ?/ John 

Sandra from QLD commented:

I consider myself able to do this on line but I hear of many older people who haven't the skills to negotiate or haven't a computer and are unable to manage this and are worried about being fined. Commonsense should prevail when it is known that in the latter years of the elderly, anxiousness, forgetfulness with memory loss and alzheimer's are all stressful for these people and many of these human beings are on their own. They don't want to be like this but they have no say in it and don't like the treat of fines. I'm sure all the questions aren't really necessary are they as they are indeed private ? Sandra 

Anonymous from VIC commented:

No census forms here either and it is Friday 5th 3.18pm. So what happens if we dont receive them before the 9th? 

Stephen from QLD commented:

A Friend living in a unit also did not receive her form, today I spoke with her and contacted ABS for a form and ABS says they will take 5 working days to send the form!!! not 5 days till Tuesday!!! and I've just got back from holidays and am going again on tuesday morning, but won't get form until Friday next week! Great they didn't advertise this better and give more time to organise things!!! 

Rae-Anne from NSW commented:

Today is Friday 5th of August, to date we in Balmoral Village, in the southern highlands, have received absolutely no notification of any sort in regards to this Census 

John from VIC commented:

So, What is the official word if YOU DO NOT FILL OUT THE CENSUS FORM? There is NO official here or online. A Fine or not? CanFiftyUp club clarify here. Thank you 

Nene from QLD commented:

Glad to see that other people have not received any paperwork for the census. I have emailed them and they have acknowledged my email but still no PIN number. Nene from QLD 

Anne from SA commented:

I have tried to phone both the numbers numerous times, and the number for requesting a paper form, is a recorded message asking you to just put in your 12 digital number, and that is OK, except I haven't received anything yet, letter with no. or form, what are you supposed to do?? 

Ralph from SA commented:

Today is Friday 5th August,our mail was delivered at app. 10.00am this morning.Still nothing from the census people.If my wife and I recieve nothing by tues .lunch time, no census for us. 

Silvia from NSW commented:

Don't worry, Bill. I'm Australian, and as of today's mail delivery, I have not received my pin either. 

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