NewsPlease Explain? The Clown Purge and Hipster Beards

Please Explain? The Clown Purge and Hipster Beards


Just when you were starting to get your head around Pokemon Go and the iPhone 7 comes the creepy clown craze that has America and now Australia on high alert.

A series of creepy clown sightings across the US in recent months has caused a wave of hysteria in several states, forcing police and schools to scramble to contain spreading jitters, and even the White House to weigh in.

The craze began with reports of clowns trying to lure children into woods in South Carolina in August, and has since led to clown groups sprouting across the US and mass clown hunts in other areas.

Social media has fuelled the craze, with clown pranks now appearing in NSW, Queensland and Victoria.

Yesterday, police in south-west Sydney issued a stern warning to would-be clown pranksters following sightings reported on social media in Minto, Ingleburn and Campbelltown.

Meanwhile in QLD, a terrified Brisbane woman claims she almost drove over a clown after it approached her car holding a knife. The woman in Redland Bay said she was left horrified after a clown ran at her car with a knife.

As Halloween approaches, it’s expected the sightings will increase as the phenomenon takes hold of the public’s imagination. It didn’t end well for one prankster, Carlos Mendoza who was found dead on the entrance ramp to an interstate, shot in the head, dressed in clown costume on October 4 in New Jersey.

For Goodness sake..shave that thing!

What is a Hipster Beard you ask? The Hipster Beard is a facial hairstyle that has achieved great popularity in the hipster subculture.

In previous years, full beards were only seen to be worn by older males, but the Hipster Beard has become trendy amongst Gen Y.

One report I read said “As most things hipster, the trend sprouted from taking something unattractive and making it attractive.” Really? If you think that’s attractive you need to get yourself a clown suit…or a girlfriend!

Though Hipster Beards tend to have a rough appearance, growing one requires a lot of maintenance. Most Hipster Beard enthusiasts choose to shave the upper part of the neck and trim the moustache section.

Thankfully, several “trend experts” have predicted the death of the Hipster Beard in 2016….. 




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Please Explain? The Clown Purge and Hipster Beards

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