NewsI Shake My Little Tush On The Catwalk

I Shake My Little Tush On The Catwalk

It was wonderful this week to speak to Brigitte Warne who is the Head of Australia’s first modelling agency for mature models. They are looking for models aged 30-90+ and the best news is, size and looks don’t matter!

Brigitte, a former model herself told us the idea came about when she realised there was data that revealed consumers are 176% more likely to buy a product if they identify with the seller.

Brigitte revealed she is looking for “real” people who promote positive body imagery. Silver Fox manages Jackie O’Shaughnessy, American Apparel's newest model. In her latest ad for the brand she wears lace lingerie and holds one leg up extended over her head!

"I was game the whole time. I'm comfortable. I don't feel that any of this is inappropriate. When people talk about age appropriate hairstyles, and age appropriate dressing, well, whose age? And who are you?" It’s that in-your-face attitude that comes with age.

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I Shake My Little Tush On The Catwalk

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Slavka from NSW commented:

Anonymous from NSW commented: Could you please provide contact details. I am a very interested female aged 68 but according to my husband I have the body of a 20 year old! I wish. 

Anonymous from VIC commented:

Contact details please. Biological age mid 40, but over 50. Thanks 

Anonymous from VIC commented:

Good to see so many are interested where do we sign up.I live in Sydney 

Anonymous from VIC commented:

Hi my name is Mary i´m 61 from Vic i would love to talk to the agency about this sort of work. Thanks Mary 

Mark from QLD commented:

Hi I'm 54 yo and keen to talk to the agency about potential work. Thanks Mark 

Carolyn from SA commented:

About time, older people still like fashion. I love to check out what is around. But looking at fashion on young,slim girls does not work. Also love to see more fashion shoes shown that suit older women. I have both i hips replaced and find it difficult to find NICE Fashion shoes that I can wear. Carolyn Toohey 

Bruce from NSW commented:

How can I get in contact with the agency? 

Anonymous from WA commented:

I'm female. 71 years young. Size 14 to 16. 5.6"tall. Would love more information. I am in Victoria. 

Wendy from WA commented:

What a great idea! It seems you have a lot of people interested and I for one would love to do it. I am 68 and a size 10 live in Perth and would love to give it a go. 

Shauna from NSW commented:

This is a great step forward for all "real people" over 50. Can you post contact details please. 

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