NewsThe 98 Year Old Gym Junkie

The 98 Year Old Gym Junkie

I recently started working out again. I joined a group of ladies who meet weekly in a local park and do a class called Metafit. It’s what they call these days a HiiT class, High Intensity Interval Training. 

After one 30 minute class, I couldn’t walk for two days. I felt so unfit and considered never doing it again until I read John Hamilton’s story.

At 98 years old, John may be the oldest gym junkie in the world and living proof that age is just a number!

An ex-army major who served in the Second World War, John has loved staying in shape and always made exercising a priority. The exercises recommended by his doctor became a core part of his daily routine and the workouts more intense as he entered his 90s. Even gym staff are flabbergasted at his stamina, with his workouts lasting an hour-and-a-half!

As he nears his 100th birthday, John has no plans of slowing down. He says he would be static without his exercise regime.

"If I stop exercising tomorrow, I think I'd give up life. I'd say you know, life's no longer worth living.”

It’s a living example for all of us, that you are never too old to maintain an active lifestyle.

You can hear our interview with John on the Daily Drive at this link:

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Anonymous from NSW commented:

Exercise, really is the fountain of youth, you need not look any further 

margaret from NSW commented:

Yep. If you have not exercised for some time and trot off and do 30 minutes of exercise in a situation where you can not control the pace or exercises you could feel sore and sorry afterwards. May I suggest those reading of your experience should not be discouraged, however they should not act immediately and hastily, due to a rush of blood to the head and a desire for instant fitness. First find out the level of fitness expected in the class you are considering and if it is not the first lesson in a class of beginners (and even if it is), book classes say two weeks in advance and use those two weeks to do a few gentle exercises, especially stretching exercises at home. If you know you will soon be off to classes you then have some incentive to do a little exercise in advance. Always remember that as useful as ones head may be for hammering in nails, it can also be used for thinking. 

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