NewsTop 5 Apps For The Over 50's

Top 5 Apps For The Over 50's

New apps are appearing on the App Store at around 1000 a day. 

So many of them are very useful, like apps to help with shopping or help with finding a car park, there are apps for tracking your kids’ driving habits and even an app that will send you a de-motivational quote each day!

No matter what you can think of, there’s pretty much an app that will do it. So here’s our pick of the Top 5 apps for FiftyUps! Best of all, they are all free!

Pandora - Pandora Radio for Android lets you tap into an incredible library of music to create stations based on artists or songs, browse through genre-based stations, or fire up a shuffled playlist based on your listening history.

Magnifying Glass with Light – This is incredibly handy! There will always be a time where the menu writing is too small or the room is just too dark – this magnifying app will be just what you need."

Clevermind –The clevermind app can be used on your iPad or iphone as a way to help you or a loved one stay independent while exercising your cognitive abilities.

Medisafe Pill Reminder - Medisafe helps you keep track of blood pressure, glucose and other measurements. You can easily share results with doctors to track better outcomes, faster. With a few simple steps, you can add a medication, get reminders for taking pills, and receive constant tracking of your health progress.

WiThings Blood Pressure Monitor - Easy and precise self-measurement of your blood pressure with your smartphone. Instant clear color-coded feedback. Save and share you data with your doctor

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Top 5 Apps For The Over 50's

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Nidia from QLD commented:

There is another electricity company with cheap rates probably cheaper than Click. Simply energy feed in rates are 6.2 c/KWh but supply daily charges for 2 type of electricity is only 97.691 c. per day , when Click charges for peak daily supply 1 dollar fifty cts and for tariff 33 4c. daily 

Neil from NSW commented:

Please drop the apostrophy in over 50s 

Anonymous from VIC replied to Neil:

Hello Neil, if you want to correct people on their punctuation, please learn to spell apostrophe. Cheers, Mark 

Tony from VIC commented:

These apps seem to be for iPhone. What about Android equivalent apps? 

Peter from NSW replied to Tony:

Obviously designed by isheep. 

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