NewsHere’s how to make sense of Home Insurance ‘add ons’
Here’s how to make sense of Home Insurance ‘add ons’

Here’s how to make sense of Home Insurance ‘add ons’

So you’re thinking about reviewing your home and contents insurance and you’ve stumbled upon the mysterious world of optional extras. 

They're the insurance equivalent of the McDonalds upsell: "Do you want fries with that?"

Many providers offer these as additions to the standard cover, but they can be confusing and can make getting a quote and comparing it to other policies more difficult.

So what are they, do you really need them and are they worth the extra cost?

Let’s answer part 1 first.

What are they?

Optional extras (also known as ‘add ons’ or ‘upsells’) are things not included in your initial coverage. In fact, some policies don’t offer full cover, but instead provide a basic level of cover and the opportunity to take up add ons. These can include burnout of electric motors, accidental damage, even public liability if you’re in the building game.

Do you need them?

Only you can answer this question as everyone’s needs and financial situations are different. However, depending on your circumstances, it might be beneficial to take up a few extras if you really need them and the price is right.

So before selecting the upsells offered by your provider, you need to think long and hard about who is benefiting the most from the transaction. Is it you?

Here is a list of six popular add-ons and what they cover:

Flood cover – is defined as the covering of normally dry land by water that has escaped or been released from lakes rivers, creeks or other natural watercourse. If you need flood cover, make sure you take up a policy that includes it, or buy it as an add on.

Personal possessions – this covers those everyday valuable items such as mobile devices and jewellery. They might already be covered by your contents policy in the home, but in some cases, these high valued items can be covered when you’re away from the home as an add on.

Accidental damage – a popular extra for those with young kids or grandkids. Most policies only cover damage from so-called insurance events, such as fire, explosion, theft or malicious damage. But most policies will not cover accidental loss or damage, except as an add on.

Home emergency – entitles you to have an on-call tradesperson come to your rescue and fix that leaky shower pipe or blocked toilet.

Personal money – If you keep a lot of cash or credit cards and you lose them on your travels or around the house, you are covered.

Legal expenses – can offset any legal costs in the event of a lawsuit with a dodgy tradie or builder. We’ve all encountered one of those at one time or another.

Visit the ASIC website here for more info on Home & Contents extras 


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Here’s how to make sense of Home Insurance ‘add ons’

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