NewsUnderstanding Fully Underwritten vs Not Underwritten Life Insurance

Understanding Fully Underwritten vs Not Underwritten Life Insurance

Did you know that not all Direct Life Insurance policies are the same?

Most are not "fully underwritten” which means they only provide limited, “one-size-fits-all” cover. As they aren’t “fully underwritten’’ upfront, there’s also far less certainty of a quick payout should a claim situation arise.

Here's the difference in a nutshell:

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Any advice provided in this article is general in nature and does not take account of your personal objectives, circumstances or needs. If in doubt about your personal situation you should seek financial advice.

FiftyUp Club Pty Ltd (ACN 166 905 175) is the promoter of the FiftyUp Life Insurance product and is pleased to work with NobleOak to make this product available to you.

FiftyUp Life Insurance cover is issued by NobleOak Life Limited ABN 85 087 648 708 (AFSL No.247302). Please consider the FiftyUp Life Insurance PDS and NobleOak's Financial Services Guide which set out the terms and conditions for the life insurance cover to make sure this cover is right for you.

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Understanding Fully Underwritten vs Not Underwritten Life Insurance

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Trevor from VIC commented:

Sheila has just challenged you on your comments ‘your description of “underwriting” in it’s various forms is not correct’ James.from QLD. Why don’t you think they were correct? 

James from QLD commented:

unfortunately your description of "underwriting" in its various forms is not correct Please check 

Shelia at Fifty Up Club
Shelia at Fifty Up Club from NSW replied to James:

Hi James. Thank you for pointing this out. Our compliance team approved this content before it was posted. 

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FiftyUp Club Life Insurance Offer

FiftyUp Club Life Insurance Offer