NewsThe One Sentence to Get Telemarketers Off the Phone

The One Sentence to Get Telemarketers Off the Phone

Having a phone automatically means receiving calls from telemarketers. Registering on the Do Not Call list helps a little but what about the ones who call anyway?

Is there a way to get them off the phone and stopping them from contacting you in the future?

The answer is yes.

Ask them this question:


The very simple question indicates you are serious about not being contacted and now that you have requested it, the company is under obligation to send it to you. If they don’t send it to you, they are liable for further action.

Your request of their privacy and opt-out policy also means you have a hard copy of your request to not be contacted, a record of the date you requested the policy, when you were called, and when you requested to be taken off the list.

If the calls still continue after your request, you can take further action against them.

WHILE WE’RE TALKING ABOUT PHONE CALLS, if you are getting a lot of phone calls from an unknown number in a foreign country, think twice before picking up or calling back.

If you don’t know anyone in Latvia or Africa, don’t answer the phone or call back.

The scam is called “wangiri”, loosely translated from a Japanese word that means “one ring and cut”.

The scammer hopes you call them back because you’ll rack up a hefty bill as the number you are calling is a premium line similar to the psychic hotlines and sex lines that cost you a small fortune.


  • Ignore any unexpected missed or received call from an international number you don’t recognise
  • Block the number of any repeated missed calls
  • Block international calls on mobiles used by children so they don’t accidentally call

Scammers prey on the vulnerable, so when in doubt, don’t answer the phone.

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The One Sentence to Get Telemarketers Off the Phone

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Anonymous from NSW commented:

If they ring again after you asked them "CAN YOU MAIL ME OUT YOUR PRIVACY AND OPT-OUT POLICIES, PLEASE ?" , just ask them to hold as you need to check something on stove or similar. take your time before you go back to the phone! 

Anonymous from QLD commented:

My husband told them to stop calling my mobile because I had passed away a week ago and to have some respect for a family in mourning ... I nearly died hearing that!!! but they stopped calling lol 

Dieter from QLD commented:

Does not work if they are O/S calls as most are. 

Wendy from NSW commented:

I don't want to give them my address and my email has my name in it. 

Brian from ACT commented:

What about stopping the annoying robo calls too?? 

Anonymous from QLD commented:

Great advice 

MAARI CELESTE from QLD commented:

I answer with Telahatchie Turbines, How may I help you. It's amazing how fast they hang up and family and friends know not to hang up. 

Mark from NSW commented:

What ive noticed is that there is "usually" a small pause when you pick up the phone and listen, I use that as a cue to hang up, and then they dont ring back for another week or so, if its someone you know they will call you again anyway. I also sometimes play them up by saying I cant hear them, then they hang up. 

Gary from VIC commented:

I tell them, I'll listen in exchange for your soul. They all quickly hang up. Seriously. 

Barbara from NSW commented:

very interesting to know this. 

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