News10 Summer Health Tips

10 Summer Health Tips

Now that we are week into summer, here are 10 Summer Health Tips


Good ol’ H20 keeps your bones and muscles healthy but also helps you maintain weight and fuels your body throughout the day.

Eat Fresh

Those canned fruits and veggies are convenient in that they take forever to go off, but they’re also often loaded with sugar, sodium and other preservatives. Eating fresh fruits and veggies gives you a healthier option.

Get Active

While you don’t have to run a marathon under the summer sun, you can now do the things or activities that you have avoided in the colder/chillier seasons like visiting the zoo or your favourite park for a nice leisurely walk.

Modify Your LIfestyle

Winter usually has us “hibernating” and summer is the perfect time to get back into the swing of things you avoided because it was “too cold”. It’s also the perfect time to reboot your healthy eating plan or quit unhealthy habits like smoking.

See Your Doctor

Got an ache or pain you’ve been ignoring all winter and spring? Visit your doctor and get a complete health check. Check out our health checklist.

Throw On the Shades & Sunscreen

The Aussie summer sun, while warming, can be cruel. Don’t forget to limit your time in direct sunshine, protect your eyes with sunglasses, and apply plenty of sunscreen. Also remember to protect your noggin with a hat too.

Plan a Holiday

Whether it be a long weekend or a long holiday, take time for yourself and your family. Relax and have fun with them and ignore the world for a while.

Disconnect from All Things Tech

Put the phone down and engage in actual human interaction. Join a social club, chat up the barista and enjoy life without your phone, TV, etc begging for your attention.


While you sleep, your body reboots and heals. Getting a good night's sleep will help keep you mentally and physically fit.

Stay Cool

Let the kitchen oven rest and keep your kitchen cool but firing up the barbie and cooking outside. Hit your favourite beach or pool to stay cool. If you’re not a water fan, visit that museum you’ve been eyeing and enjoy their air con for a while.

Any advice contained in this article is general in nature and does not take account of your particular objectives, personal circumstances or needs. If in doubt about your own situation you should seek appropriate advice.

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10 Summer Health Tips

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