NewsA Sustainable Christmas

A Sustainable Christmas

Need ideas on for a sustainable Christmas?

Here are 5 ways you could support your community and have a sustainable Christmas.

Buying Local Food - we know you’ve seen those ads that ask you to shop local during the holidays but have you ever thought about buying local food too? You can visit your local farmer’s market or buy food that is grown and produced in Australia.

Shop Local - while visiting shopping centers are fun, you could remove the crowd stress and shop local. You could support your local businesses, small businesses, and your community by doing so.

Rechargeable Batteries - sometimes it seems that batteries are needed for everything and if you’re buying the grandkids toys you may buy more batteries than toys! You could either buy gifts that don’t require batteries or buy batteries that can be recharged.

Donate Clothes - if you have brand new items that will be replacing what you own, donate your old clothes to a local charity or shelter.

Save on Electricity - reduce your energy consumption by turning off the Christmas lights or setting them on a timer to turn off and on at a certain time.

Have yourself a very sustainable Christmas!

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A Sustainable Christmas

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Maree from VIC commented:

Solar powered Christmas lights - great way to decorate outside your home and use NO electricity. 

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