NewsClub unlocks new special energy deals from Origin in time for summer air con bills

Club unlocks new special energy deals from Origin in time for summer air con bills

The FiftyUp Club has successfully unlocked a series of summer energy offers from Origin in time for the summer air con season, which typically produces some of the year’s biggest bills.

Thanks to the people power of more than 360,000 members to date, the Club has sourced special electricity discounts for a limited time that could save some homes hundreds of dollars.

In New South Wales’ Ausgrid zone for example, an average usage household can now pay $249 less than the Government’s benchmark electricity reference price per annum by switching to these deals (that’s based on a flat rate tariff with usage of 3900kWk a year).

The timing is ideal. More than 6 million Australian households now have air conditioning.* This equates to about 75 per cent of homes in Australia.** So summer bills, especially in the northern states, can be the biggest of the year.

Since July 1, electricity offers look different in NSW, SEQLD, SA and VIC as all discount deals are measured against a new Government Benchmark for electricity.

In NSW, SEQLD and SA, the new benchmark is called the ‘Reference Price’. In VIC, it is called the ‘Victorian Default Offer’.

The changes are designed to make it easier to compare electricity offers for households who are shopping around to try and save money.

Money-saving author Joel Gibson said: "Don’t make the mistake of seeing percentages like 10% and 15% and thinking that offers now are no good. In the new world, 10% less than the government benchmark is a good offer!"

"We need to adjust our thinking when assessing deals now and some households can still save hundreds by switching plans or providers."

The Origin deals are only available at until February 21, 2020.


Any information contained in this communication is general advice, it does not take into account your individual objectives, financial situation or needs.

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Club unlocks new special energy deals from Origin in time for summer air con bills

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Gary from NSW commented:

Didn't honour the deal because I had a new meter & they claimed I was getting a better off peak rate than before the meter was changed. Spent an hour & twenty minutes with them between live chat & on the phone to no avail. Waste of time. 

Anonymous from VIC commented:

Origin's new 'special' deals are far worse for me than what I presently have with them. 

Anonymous from QLD commented:

I have just joined - how do I access the deal with Origin? 

Anonymous from QLD commented:

Is the origin discount applying in North QLD or do we miss out again??? 

Anonymous from QLD commented:

SE QLD.... Sarina beach misses out,,, i thought it was SE QLD ...bummer....... 

Anonymous from QLD commented:

Is the origin deal in north Queensland 

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