NewsMeet Kerrie, 61 Years Young, With 8 Grandkids & 5 Australian Powerlifting Records!

Meet Kerrie, 61 Years Young, With 8 Grandkids & 5 Australian Powerlifting Records!

The newest subject in our ‘A-Team Series’ on Modern Ageing is FiftyUp Club member Kerrie Kauter, from Arncliffe in Sydney.


"My name is Kerrie Kauter and I am 61 years young. I live in Arncliffe Sydney and I have done all kinds of jobs from pumping petrol to being the product and underwriting manager for one of the largest insurance companies in Australia."

What story do you want to share about 'growing up' beyond 50 in this era of change?

"When you are younger and raising a family you don't think about being 'old' as you are preoccupied with 'doing'.  However, turning 50 was the turning point in my life for so many reasons.  I went from 'doing' to 'being'.  Being in the moment, trying new things, doing old things more often.  You still have responsibilities (I work very part time, volunteer work and of course 8 grandkids), but I now work the responsibilities around my life rather than my life around the responsibilities."

Anything else relevant/interesting?

"I was a young mum (16) and was never really active. However, as I got older I started running, cycling and doing triathlons.  I have done quite a few half marathons, cycle races, etc over my time, but what I am most proud of (apart from my kids etc) is that I started powerlifting (squat, bench press, deadlift) and competing.  This sport was incredible at helping me overcome anxiety and depression.  It gave me confidence in my skin and my abilities.  I have set 5 Australian Records for squat, deadlift and overall weight lifted in a competition and still hold 2 of those records. I am constantly looking for ways of challenging myself and also to expose myself to new ideas and adventures."

What inspires you?

Kerrie nominates her Christian faith and Jesus as her greatest mentor.

"I am by no means perfect, but I am a work in progress and tackle every day head-on with His help and guidance. I am also inspired by people, lots of different people.  Some have overcome huge setbacks like Jack Darcy, an Australian sprinter who was critically injured in a motorcycle accident a few years back.  Doctors told him he would probably never walk again and as for running, no way.  Jack is back sprinting and competing today! Amazing.  And then those that are living their lives doing their best.  People who are working, raising children, studying and caring for parents.  These people inspire me because what they do actually matters.  They are the unsung heroes of our society and I am inspired by each and every one of them."

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Meet Kerrie, 61 Years Young, With 8 Grandkids & 5 Australian Powerlifting Records!

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