NewsThat Post-Lockdown Feeling
That Post-Lockdown Feeling

That Post-Lockdown Feeling

Even the best of news, such as the end of lockdowns and easing of restrictions, can provoke mixed emotions such as ‘Was it all worth it?’

So how do you feel now about these small wins that governments are announcing? Do they appear to be the beginning of the end or, as Churchill put it, the end of the beginning?

Or perhaps - if you live outside NSW and VIC - you think it’s a step too far and too early, and you are happy to keep the borders closed if not open?

We have a short survey here for you to share your feelings - be they optimistic or otherwise, about what we hope will be a positive landmark.

In Sydney, it didn’t take long for people to start complaining about all the traffic being back on the road or the queues to get into pubs and eateries.

But it will be interesting to see how long the feel-good factor lasts for some people who - perish the thought - might admit to having had “ a good COVID.”

The idea might seem ridiculous, but for those in secure public service or other service-based work, the break from the office and commuting had its attractions.

A necessarily slower life with far less choice available about how and where to live? That might seed a perverse sense of joy amongst some.

Our survey is interested in your feelings about this historical time and, emotions being what they are, you do not have to justify how you feel (although you’re free to leave any comments below).

Questions include: How do you feel now it’s over? How much confidence do you have in the states’ decisions? And how far will you be returning to normal? 


Answers are likely to be age-related, especially as there’s an argument that the young, initially less affected by the virus, had to give up more to protect their elders, who were proportionately more vulnerable.

Give it a go. It will be interesting to see if there is any consensus and, if so, how age and geography influence your aggregated answers.

Any information contained in this communication is general advice, it does not take into account your individual circumstances, objectives, financial situation or needs.

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That Post-Lockdown Feeling

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Someone from VIC commented:

Thank you Karen for your reply, appreciated. The investment properties in Serviced Apartments operated by a Franchisee of Quest. The Property has very little value when it is still under Lease for another ten years and not earning any income. I am struggling to survive as almost all savings I had ,have been eroded during this time paying outgoings maintenance fee's rates plus mortgage interest on borrowed money etc. The Tenant is still in possession of the properties not having had to pay rent and when things pick up he will be able to trade on but I will never see that rent. "Others have not had the luxury being retired and therefore not losing their jobs" Sorry I do not understand the content of the sentence above. If you think retirement without any income is a luxury and have a job I would swap with you any day to have some income, and not have to worry about how I am going to continue to pay the bills and buy food, it is not a great life like you make it out to be. What statements you make with out even knowing my circumstances. 

Someone from VIC commented:

I am sorry the majority of you like Governments have all got it wrong for taking part in mass clinical medical trials of "vaccines, were not and still not approved " that have not been, tried and tested until all the media and Politicians being paid by the big Pharma to get the jab. It is just starting to come out now as you are in the system you will have to have boosters, your immunity is breaking down. Australians no longer have the rights to make decisions or are free to do so. Pity the majority have been asleep during all this. The mental and financial hardship to people is still ongoing and to be measured.for years to come if you are still here. The jab has not stopped anyone from still getting the so called COVID and the next variant has been released for those with low immunity caused by the Jabs will be forced into taking more Jabs to try and keep them alive. An utter disgrace. Being retired I do not have a job like thousands/millions of others who have not lost a cent in wages through all this my two investment self serviced apartments have not paid any rent since March 2020 it has been wiped off, when all this started. We are a forced segregated Nation fighting against each other ,and with now divided Families because of beauratic blundering by power hungry Politicians being paid to promote the Jab. 

Karen from NSW commented:

You are of course entitled to your opinion no matter how wrong you actually are. I will not even begin to argue with your basic premise because you are clearly too blind to see. However, I find it hard to empathise with your complaint about your investment properties not returning an income since last March. You still have the investments and with the serious rise in property values even in Victoria over the last 18 months, you could sell one and reap the rewards and still hold an investment property itself with increased value. Others have not had the luxury being retired and therefore not losing their jobs. You have the means to support yourself - unlike your tenants clearly. 

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