NewsThe discourteous ominous Omicron casts its odious shadow over our summer
The discourteous ominous Omicron casts its odious shadow over our summer

The discourteous ominous Omicron casts its odious shadow over our summer

The bug is getting closer. It might already have struck. The numbers click over higher and faster. The spread is unstoppable.

We all know that far less clear is just how to react given the changing government regulations and expectations of others.

We have to contend not only with the various and shifting public health orders but also with what's quaintly called vaccine etiquette.

These new Covid courtesies might mean testing and mask-wearing outdoors even if not dictated by any rules.

It's all part of navigating what promises to be 2022 full of, if not fun, then certainly games as the variants go about their merry way.

So what are you doing to cope?

If you can get hold of a RAT, a rapid antigen test, do you have to use it and show the results before visiting another's home or office?

Does it matter if there's no chance you have an infection or the stay is less than four hours indoors together to be deemed a close contact?

There must be a special kind of fear amongst those who, for whatever reason, have forsaken vaccines and medicines.

There's undoubtedly much anxiety around vulnerable groups and those like me who digest too much negative news.

But for the vast vaccinated majority, baring perhaps those with young children, it's been a little more boring.

The options seem to be: Carrying on like not much is different or keeping your head down, hoping to delay the inevitable for as long as possible.

There's never a good time to consider when it's best to get infected with Covid-19. 

It's going to disrupt our best-laid plans, be they holidays, weddings and any kind of gathering.

The effects of the actual disease may vary, but the seven-day order to isolate and stay home is pretty fixed, even if not always followed.

Like me, you probably know people who have taken precautions to the extreme over the past two years yet have now been caught out by its spread.

Or those who you'd hope would know better, either knowingly or half-knowingly, if there is such a thing, exposing themselves or others to excessive risk.

Frankly, I don't care very much about the infection, given I'm fully vaccinated. Still, I'm concerned about any disruption with both an imminent wedding and joint holiday house planned.

Sure many have had it much, much worse, but short of empathy and obeying the rules regarding mask-wearing etc., there's not much I can do for them.

My answer is not to withdraw from society but given the timing to exercise some caution as to where I go. Beaches and outdoor meets like picnics get my vote. Crowded pubs and noisy eateries are a no-no.

So what's your strategy even if you live in WA when the state plans to open its borders on Feb 5?

Any tips about how best to sit through the time or perhaps accept the inevitable?

Any information contained in this communication is general advice, it does not take into account your individual circumstances, objectives, financial situation or needs.

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The discourteous ominous Omicron casts its odious shadow over our summer

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