NewsWhat’s your most important faculty or ability?
What’s your most important faculty or ability?

What’s your most important faculty or ability?

For any actor to begin to lose their ability to understand and express words must be devastating, let alone for a Hollywood star.

You’ve probably heard that Bruce Willis is stepping away from the limelight because of aphasia, a cognitive condition with just those symptoms.

Most of us take our senses and abilities a bit for granted, and so if they are lost or compromised, it comes as a shock and raises many questions.

And like Bruce, as we get older, such changes may be more likely to manifest.

It’s all led me to ask what sense or ability do I value most? What would *iss me off more than anything if it didn’t work so well anymore?

I’m not talking about breathing or thinking or even seeing but the smaller, singular and perhaps very individual things we have and do that makes life more worth living.

For example, to be unable to walk for me would be a significant challenge as I wander freely through the city and country for both refreshment and relaxation.

Another would be to lose my sense of taste, thankfully not affected by long COVID yet, because my allied sense of smell is already pretty ordinary. I need robust flavours like curry and dark beers to titillate my tastebuds, and if there were any change,  I wouldn’t taste anything.

This exercise is not an excuse for feeling maudlin but better to appreciate in this present moment our varied abilities to dance, sing, paint, write or whatever.

What do you value most of your senses and abilities, and why?

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What’s your most important faculty or ability?

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Isabel from NSW commented:

Without a doubt my eyesight. 

Someone from QLD commented:

My eye sight 

Graeme from SA commented:

The ability to remember and recall words, memories and loved ones is taken for granted. Four years ago I had a major episode that should have killed me whilst on a plane; my heart valve ceased for a short time and I passed out. Needless to say I should not have woken up but I did and I had Open heart surgery to fix a born with Bicuspid valve and three inches of Aortic neck. The surgery was a success and I felt great. 1 year later almost to the day I had a massive heart attack brought on by the years of hard work my arteries had to do because of the valve and it just collapsed. Two stents and 4.5 hrs in surgery I was apparently fixed. But the issues that come with open heart surgery and hearty attack mentally are so disregarded its not funny. I was a mess emotionally and cognitively for months and still are. They have since found I had a stroke at some stage either prior to surgery or during the operation or hear attack. I am now not the confident person I was I am scared in conversation and meetings as the mass of drugs mixed with memory loss and lack of recall of words makes me sound stupid. It is the single most frustrating thing ever and now I have had a Stroke induced Seizure that means they have taken my drivers license away so now I feel stupid and incapable mixed in with the constant fatigue that comes with heart damage, drugs and pain. The ability to converse on a basic level is now difficult let alone run a major business like I did just 4 years ago, Its almost enough to make you pack it all in. Remember just 4 years ago I was running a major business area for a major retailer and now am lucky to have work. 

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