Why I told my Super fund to go jump

Dear Fellow Members, As we are all aware, gloomy Federal Budget speculation has been rife lately, so I’ve decided my message this week should be on a cheerier note. Since having come on board as your Chairman I’ve noticed a handful of particular issues dominate your messages and forum posts. Switching is one of those at the top of the […]

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Beware this common trap for Electricity customers

When Asmar, 72, got to the end of her discounted two-year electricity contract, her provider automatically moved her off a 12% discount onto a plan with a 7% discount and informed her she was now subject to a new two-year contract. Sadly, it’s a common practice. Electricity retailers often revert customers to an inferior discount once their contract expires, and […]

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Why Frank told his electricity supplier to go jump

“I was with Origin and getting a 14% discount,” writes FiftyUp Club member Frank Ius, pictured. “No notice was given to me that my contract had expired and when I got my next bill I only received a 1% discount. “When I questioned this, their reply was that this is their standard procedure. Well, that day I changed to Click […]

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Why 2014 could be the year the postman is privatised

Should publicly-owned companies such as Australia Post, Medibank Private and electricity networks be sold off? Would consumers benefit? That’s been one of the hot topics of recent weeks after the competition watchdog suggested it in a¬†newspaper interview¬†about an upcoming federal government review of competition policy. “There is no doubt in my mind that energy prices, particularly in NSW and Queensland, […]

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30,000+ FiftyUps Join The Club To Get The Rewards They Deserve

More than 30,000 consumers have now joined a new club designed to get Australia’s best customers the special offers and products they deserve. One Big Switch and Macquarie Radio Network have combined forces to create the FiftyUp Club, an initiative focused on giving a voice to customers 50 and over and harnessing their combined buying power. Over-50s are in many […]

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