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The Census- What You Need To Know

Next week around nine million households will be asked by the Australian Bureau of Statistics to fill out Census forms. Personal data from families will be kept for four years rather than the 18 months, which has raised fears about private data leaking. The option to complete the census online will save the government around $100 million but there has been much talk in the media with many... Read more

Top Ten Things Debt Free People Do

With thanks to Renee Sylvestre Williams writing in They are detail-oriented and very organized Paying off debt means knowing what you owe, developing a budget and sticking to it. Debt-free people keep track of their bills, how much they earn, how much they save and how much they invest. They speak to experts and have a tracking system in place, whether it’s an Excel file ... Read more

The Much Maligned Plastic Shopping Bag - I Love It

For a number of years now, plastic shopping bags have drawn the ire of environmentalists who believe they will single-handedly bring about the end-of-the-world. Personally, I love plastic shopping bags and I re-use them daily. They are lightweight, keep your stuff dry and scrunch up into a tiny ball for easy storage. Another great thing about plastic bags is that you can carry lots of the... Read more