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Two things we should all know about our Life Insurance

Life insurance through super has been the topic of hot conversation within the superannuation sector over the past 12 months following a string of scandals.   For those members who skim past the business section of the paper, it’s important we got you up to speed on the issue of the hour. After all, this is your nest egg that we are talking about! So let's backtrack a little bit... ... Read more

My big regret will make you think twice before scrapping life insurance

  Life Insurance has got to be the most boring subject known to man… unless you count paint drying, in which case it comes in a close second.  Life Insurance is one of those things that we all know we probably should have but, like retirement, somewhere in the future we’ll sort that out. When I turned 18, my father (God rest his soul) encouraged me to take out private health cover ... Read more

When Life changes, so should your Life Insurance!

The nation's biggest superannuation fund has moved to ensure under-25s no longer have insurance premiums automatically deducted, saving them about $9000 on average. The ABC reported this week that Australian Super says Life and TPD and other insurances are mainly of benefit for people with dependents and financial commitments, such as a mortgage. If you're one of the people below, chances... Read more

Take control of your Life insurance

    A study conducted by NobleOak Life on a large sample of Australians with life insurance coverage revealed some startling facts this week. The survey, as reported, found that millions of Aussies with life insurance are still “in the dark” about how their policy actually protects them and what they get for their money. The research discovered that 27 per cent of po... Read more

Genetic Testing – Coming soon to a policy near you?

We launched a new special offer on Life Insurance for members this week, and it’s been inundated with interest. It’s just as well, because reports this week said scientific developments could make life insurance premiums higher in future. Research by the Institute of Actuaries of Australia predicted that as predictive genetic testing becomes more popular, claims against insurance policies co... Read more

Protecting your greatest asset

While I was casually flicking through the Sunday paper last week, I came across an article by Money expert Mark Bouris that caught my eye… The headline read: 'What is the biggest asset that you have to protect?'' Like most people I thought instantly of the family home, but Celebrity Apprentice judge Mark correctly pointed out that most people forget to mention their health and ability to ... Read more

How consumers like you are changing the Life Insurance industry

A couple of years back I decided to review my insurance situation. I had been retrenched and needed to cut back so every dollar going out had to justify itself. When I added up all my insurance costs it came to $800 a month including cars x 2, health, house and contents, income protection, life, funeral and trauma insurance. When I mentioned this to a friend, she questioned whether I really ... Read more

Life Insurance Changes - what they mean for you

(Updated July 25, 2016)   Due the federal election the planned changes to the commissions around life insurance (discussed below), and due to begin on July 1 2016, were delayed. But the government says it will push ahead with the reforms and the crackdown on commissions in this parliament. In all the hullabaloo about the election some significant changes to the way life insuran... Read more

Super Funds forced to raise life insurance premiums

The days of getting very cheap group-discounted Life Insurance through your super fund are looking numbered, as funds raise premiums and regulators warn they are repeating the mistakes of the past. Senior insurance regulator  Ian Laughlin, who is deputy chairman of the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority, warned this week that this sector of life insurance has been losing money and was […]

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Members save big on quality Life Insurance for FiftyUps

“I saved over $80 per month [by switching from] a similar policy with another company,” says FiftyUp Club member Daniel Prokop, 59, who just took up the Life Insurance special offer we’ve negotiated for Australia’s best customers. The product is fully underwritten, with optional trauma and income protection cover, and it’s from 135-year-old provider NobleOak. “NobleOak completed my application over the phone and approved […]

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