NewsWhy Frank told his electricity supplier to go jump
Why Frank told his electricity supplier to go jump

Why Frank told his electricity supplier to go jump

Screen Shot 2014-02-14 at 9.09.10 AM“I was with Origin and getting a 14% discount,” writes FiftyUp Club member Frank Ius, pictured. “No notice was given to me that my contract had expired and when I got my next bill I only received a 1% discount.

“When I questioned this, their reply was that this is their standard procedure. Well, that day I changed to Click Energy. Thankyou Fiftyup Club.”

It’s a common issue with electricity retailers. Most will revert you to a lower discount when your contract with them expires, which can be fair enough. But some will even revert you back to no discount – or next-to-no-discount – without notifying you.

The cost of electricity has doubled in a decade for some Australian households and for many, summer is the time of year when we get our biggest bills.

So now is as good a time as any to make sure you don’t spend a cent more than you should on electricity in 2014.

Thousands of FiftyUp Club members in NSW have now taken up our exclusive Electricity special offer for Australia’s best customers.

The offer includes up to 17% discount off your entire bill for two years if you pay by direct debit, with no exit fees or lock-in period.

That’s an estimated $490 saving in the coming year for a typical 4-person household switching from the regulated tariff.

Even if you use it to get a better offer out of your current provider, as member Kurt Vogt did, that’s a victory for the FiftyUp Club.

“I checked the electricity offer and compared with my supplier. There were savings to be made if I switched. When I contacted my present supplier they made me an even better offer,” Kurt said. “Looking forward to some savings on electricity bills!”

Click here to see the offer or call Click Energy on 1300 085 785.

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Why Frank told his electricity supplier to go jump

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