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This One Trick Could Save You Hundreds

We’ve said it again and again. Compare. Compare. Compare. And if the third time isn’t a charm, how about saving up to $1,416 a year in household bills. What could you do with an extra $1,416 a year? When does your mobile phone contract expire?What about your broadband? How about your energy? Health insurance? Car insurance? Do we need to go on? The perfect time to nego... Read more

13 Travel Etiquette Tips

Summer is wrapping up, and many of us are gearing up to get out of here for a few weeks during the cooler months. If you’re like me, you might have noticed there’s almost always one person who think they’re the only one using the airline. Whether you’re lucky enough to be an experienced traveller, or you’re leaving the country for the first time, I put together 13 travel etiquette tip... Read more

Tips for Travel Anxiety

Travelling can cause anxiety and stress easier than that high energy bill you might receive. If travelling triggers major anxiety for you, here tips that could help reduce your travel worries. Practice Relaxation Techniques Before You Go Even before you jump on the plane, find a calming relaxation technique that calms your nerves and start using it prior to your journey. This could he... Read more

Tidying Up Your Finances

Marie Kondo has been all the talk lately from her Netflix Series Tidying Up with Marie Kondo to her statement of getting rid of bibliophiles beloved collection. Her main thing about decluttering your life is always asking, “does it bring you joy”? And whether you love her, hate her or don’t even know who she is, one word she does have right is: declutter. While your finances might... Read more

10 Tips to Survive Summer (without the Bill Shock)

Air-con awareness The air-con is infamous for its energy-draining tendencies, but there are easy ways to significantly cut down your costs. The average reverse cycle air-con costs around $0.25 - $0.95 per hour to run for cooling purposes depending on the size of the room. Heating up a medium sized room (~$0.60 an hour) for eight hours a day would cost $4.80 a day. That is $1,750 ... Read more

How to Avoid Christmas Debt

It’s finally December and that means one thing: the holiday madness has begun! According to a recent article, the average holiday shopper plans to spend $776 this year, but it is possible to get through the holidays without it breaking your bank. Here a Few Tips on How to Avoid Christmas Debt Price Comparison Shopping: One of the easiest ways is to Google Search what you’re wanting... Read more

Traveling Soon? Check Out These Traveling Tips!

Regardless if you are a seasoned traveller or planning your first trip, here are simple tips on travelling to make your life easier. PACKING Roll your clothes vs folding them. This will give you more space in your luggage. Use the 3 to 1 rule in clothes. Example: 3 tops for 1 bottom. Packing clothing that can be layered and interchanged. Take a spare pair of your prescription... Read more

7 Tips to Help Manage Allergies

Spring is here. Plants and trees are blooming and Mother Nature is showing off her colours, but that also means that spring allergies are here. 18% of people in Australia and New Zealand suffer from allergic rhinitis also known as hay fever. Here are 7 tips to help manage hay fever. Close your windows during the “blooming” season of plants and trees. Dust, vacuum and clean re... Read more

5 Ways to Kill Fruit Flies

Being healthy requires a healthy balance of fruit and vegetables and the one side effect of being healthy is the pesky fruit fly. So what’s the easiest way to get rid of fruit flies? Here are 5 Ways to Kill Fruit Flies 1. Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar Today’s Creative Life suggests creating a homemade trap with ACV and plastic wrap. Add a little bit of ACV into a glass, cover wit... Read more

5 Tips for a Better Phone Plan

Like all other household bills, the phone plan you select can make or break your budget. Here are 5 tips to find a better phone plan. Check Your Charges: Look at your latest statement and see what you are being charged for. How much data are you going through each month? Is it more than your current plan or less? Is the unlimited data, truly unlimited or do you tackled with a slower spee... Read more