NewsHow to clean your house on a shoestring
How to clean your house on a shoestring

How to clean your house on a shoestring

Heinz Cleaning Vinegar 22The cost of living keeps heading skywards, but not everything around the house needs to break the bank. We’ve rolled up our sleeves, pulled on the rubber gloves and compiled a list of the thriftiest household cleaning products. Tell us yours too. 


And you thought they were just for gin and tonic… Turns out lemons are a secret weapon in your cleaning arsenal. Mix a few spoonfuls with water in a spray bottle to clean glass. Dip an old toothbrush into lemon juice and scrub grout clean. Or use a cut lemon to remove hard water stains on shower screens. Want more information? Check out these handy hints.


Not just delicious on chips, vinegar is an A-grade germ-buster. Its acidity works a treat on mould and bacteria, and while, yes, it will probably leave your surfaces smelling vinegary, perhaps that’s better than toxic fumes. Use undiluted white vinegar to get rid of mould, grime and soap scum in the bathroom, then rinse with water. (Not recommended on marble.) Nuke grease splatters on the oven door by saturating it with white vinegar and leaving the door open for 15 minutes before wiping clean. Or clean a drain by pouring in a cup of baking soda, followed by a cup of hot white vinegar. Let it work its magic for five minutes then run hot water down the drain. See more tips by clicking here.


Baking soda, or bicarbonate of soda, helps cakes rise and eases heartburn. But that’s not all. Place an open box in the fridge or cupboard to banish odours. Sprinkle it in the bin before the liner for sweeter-smelling rubbish. And add a cup of baking soda to your clothes in the washing machine, as well as your regular detergent, for fresher, softer laundry. (Not for delicates.) Read more here.


Professional cleaners swear by these nifty cleaning cloths, which have tiny fibres that lift dirt without the need for expensive products. Use it damp to clean windows and glass, or dry for dusting. Here’s some more information.

What are your favourite frugal cleaning tips? Have you inherited any household habits from your parents or grandparents?

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How to clean your house on a shoestring

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