News5 Tips for a Better Phone Plan

5 Tips for a Better Phone Plan

Like all other household bills, the phone plan you select can make or break your budget. Here are 5 tips to find a better phone plan.

Check Your Charges: Look at your latest statement and see what you are being charged for. How much data are you going through each month? Is it more than your current plan or less? Is the unlimited data, truly unlimited or do you tackled with a slower speed once you use a certain amount of data? Once you know how much data you actually use per month, you can start searching for plans that cater to your need.

Plan or No Plan: Do you want to be locked into a plan or pay as you go? If you already own your phone and don’t need to upgrade, a pay as you go phone plan could be less than a contracted plan.

Use Comparison Websites: If you don’t want to visit each provider’s website and do a comparison on your own, a comparison site like WhistleOut will show you the hottest deals on the market.

Don’t Forget the Little Guys: There are the 3 big teleco networks: Telstra, Optus and Vodaphone but don’t forget to look at or try the little guys like Amaysim, Boost, Belong and others. The smaller guys often are cheaper but you might not receive all the bells and whistles like free streaming of footy.

Porting Your Number: Have you had your phone number forever? Still want to keep the same number? Once you have your new provider, they will do this for you and save you the hassle of telling everyone you got a new phone number.

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5 Tips for a Better Phone Plan

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Tilla from QLD commented:

If you wish for a stress free life, keep away from Optus. Long wait time on phone calls; cannot fix up their own problems and it takes weeks and even a year to fix anything. Customer service staff training is grossly lacking. Even a letter to their complaints department doesnt receive a response. Incorrect billing - gosh I had enough. I am looking to change for some peace. Tilla 

jennine from NSW commented:

Being retired & not a big phone or data user as I use a computer or if needed wi-fi on my handset. I checked the various plans & found most all plainly a ripoff.Being locked in for 12 months with sub-standard networks like vodaphone or Optus are a joke & made to use all credits within a short time frame,stick that idea. Aldi has various options that should suit most like in my case the Aldi pre paid using the Telstra network it has a superior signal as I use mine as primarily shock horror "a phone",there are plans that offer phone & data for those that can't do with out their "net addiction". 

Barry & Deirdre
Barry & Deirdre from VIC commented:

Just be very careful anonymous as there is a scam going round and the supposed bill looks exactly like the real thing. we had a couple and if it wasn't for the fact we have direct debit and the account number was wrong we could well have paid bills that were far more than usual. If you are over 60 you can get a very good plan . I'd go into an Optus store and have them check it. They have been trying to stop these. 

Anonymous from VIC commented:

Thanks Glenys Qld. Optus are impossible to discuss anything with !. They have set it up so that your only contact is via "chat". Everything is done by typing & your chat time, 'times out' after about 60 secs. Being "old school" I'm not the fastest at type messaging. Yesterday I spent over an hour trying to get my story through to about the 'out of wack' bill I had just received, 5 times the cost of any previous history. Had no feedback so of to the 'ombudsman'. With Virgin for 5 years, not one problem. Then they shut down (owned by Optus) Graeme Frankston 

Glenys from QLD commented:

Check out - they have fantastic (prepaid) 4g mobile phone plans using Vodafone's network. Keep an eye out for their specials, so you can grab one while they're even cheaper. My current plan cost approx $200 in advance for 12 months (ie: $16 per month). Includes unlimited calls & sms + 7gb data. It was 6gb, but they bumped it up to 7 a few weeks ago. Brilliant! There are cheaper plans and also monthly & 3 monthly plans. Highly recommend them. 

Horst from NSW commented:

Aldi no Monthly recharge is the best for me, a $30 recharge lasts me 3 month 

Anonymous from VIC commented:

How on earth do you get out of the plan your in ??? 

Glenys from QLD commented:

Depending on your provider, you might be able to change plans within your contract (without a changeover fee). Call and ask them. You never know. If you're not under contract, you can change plans easily, no matter who your provider is. Just call and tell them what your usage needs are and ask them what's available. Do your research online first though. 

Sid from NSW commented:

Why is there a need for a home phone when so many of us have mobiles? In my choice of nbn providers, I will be looking for something which doesn't have a home phone. 

Glenys from QLD replied to Sid:

Sid, I have NBN and no landline (just the old wall jack from a previous landline). There are plans for both situations, with various providers. 

Anonymous from VIC commented:

Aldi Mobile is the bet that I have found. 

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