NewsPreventing Illness While Traveling

Preventing Illness While Traveling

Sometimes, becoming sick while traveling isn’t preventable, but here are a few tips on how to prevent some illness while travelling.

Wash Your Hands

Channel your inner germophobe. Wash your hands as much as possible. We all know that when you touch something contaminated, you create an easy way for germs to infect you. If you are without water and soap, hand sanitisers and disinfectant wipes are good ways to keep germs at bay.

Tap Water

When travelling, even drinking water in developed countries could contain levels of additives or chlorine your body isn’t use to could give you an upset stomach. Water in areas such as South America, Africa, and Asia can contain microorganisms that can lead to traveller’s diarrhoea. Just because a local is drinking from the tap doesn’t mean you can. When you purchase bottled water make sure the seal isn’t broken.



Visit your general practitioner before you go abroad and ask if there are any vaccines you should have. Some countries require vaccinations before you can enter to protect you from getting sick.


Getting sleep lets your body repair itself and allows you to recover.

Pack Your Meds

Remember to pack your prescriptions, medication and any over the counter drug you might need (Panadol, Nurofen). You may not have access to prescribed medications even with a written prescription.

What’s your favourite tip or trick that helps you avoid illness while traveling? Leave a comment below.


Any advice contained in this article is general in nature and does not take into account your particular objectives, personal circumstances or needs. If in doubt about your own situation you should seek appropriate advice.

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Preventing Illness While Traveling

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Gertraud from ACT commented:

Drinking water in Western Europe is perfectly safe, so to suggest that people drink only bottled water is ridiculous! Having said that, when I last travelled in Europe (Austria, Germany and Italy) I did actually buy 1 single bottle of water in each town, which I then re-filled at the many fountains. 

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