Never Leave Home Without This

They rather predictably state every journey begins with the first step but in truth any kind of slightly planned trip starts well before you lace up your boots.  For me it’s always conceived with a map, a trustworthy cartographic companion which contains more useful information than a thousand travel writers’ blogs. In fact, a map I might chance upon, or idly pick up, can often decide whe... Read more

What Do You Believe When it Comes to Travel Writing?

This author travelled at their own expense…it may be the most important words at the end of any travel story which seeks to seduce our wanderlust. Beware the travel pages of many newspapers, magazines, websites which may make the world seem sunnier and more spectacular than it really is. Their tight lens closes in on the delights of food, luxury, exotic experiences and very up-market ... Read more

MIlford Track - Just Do It & See

By nature, I tend to avoid anywhere which attracts over-hyped superlatives such as:  the ‘biggest shopping mall in the southern hemisphere’ even ‘the best Italian in Carlton’ or worst ‘the best-kept secret in Bondi’. But prejudices usually do you a disservice, as I’ve just discovered after hiking a four-day traverse of Fiordland in the South Island of New Zealand often called the ‘finest... Read more

Things You Should Know When Travelling to the US

When I departed Perth en route to JFK International Airport in New York, I thought our Australian culture would be somewhat similar to the American’s. I couldn’t have been more wrong. While we speak the same and seem the same at a glance, our two countries couldn’t be more different. Here are a few things I learned travelling through the USA that could help you if you are heading... Read more

5 Tips to Help You Prepare For Your Trip By Ship

Whether you are setting sail for the first time or the fiftieth time, here are 5 tips that could make your trip on a ship a little easier. LUGGAGE: With most staterooms being small in size, leaving your luggage out in the open won’t be an option and the closets aren’t likely to hold all your bags. There are stowaway areas under most of the beds in staterooms, but keep the luggage to long... Read more

Preventing Illness While Traveling

Sometimes, becoming sick while traveling isn’t preventable, but here are a few tips on how to prevent some illness while travelling. Wash Your Hands Channel your inner germophobe. Wash your hands as much as possible. We all know that when you touch something contaminated, you create an easy way for germs to infect you. If you are without water and soap, hand sanitisers and disinfectan... Read more

13 Travel Etiquette Tips

Summer is wrapping up, and many of us are gearing up to get out of here for a few weeks during the cooler months. If you’re like me, you might have noticed there’s almost always one person who think they’re the only one using the airline. Whether you’re lucky enough to be an experienced traveller, or you’re leaving the country for the first time, I put together 13 travel etiquette tip... Read more

Tips for Travel Anxiety

Travelling can cause anxiety and stress easier than that high energy bill you might receive. If travelling triggers major anxiety for you, here tips that could help reduce your travel worries. Practice Relaxation Techniques Before You Go Even before you jump on the plane, find a calming relaxation technique that calms your nerves and start using it prior to your journey. This could he... Read more

Why I Took Out Travel Insurance

Being on the FiftyUp Club Team, I get to see first hand how passionate members are and how the discounts and offers we give you help you in your day-to-day lives. So you’d think I’d know better than to travel without Travel Insurance, right? Well, now I do. This is my story on why I took up Travel Insurance for my NEXT holiday. Recently, I went to New Zealand for a quick holiday. I... Read more

Avoid These 10 Travel Mistakes

Beginning traveler or seasoned travel, avoid these 10 travel mistakes Don’t forget to pack a power adapter. If you decide you can’t be bothered by packing a power adapter, at least pack a USB phone cord charger. At least you can charge your phone through most new televisions. Not budgeting enough money. Never underestimate how much you might rack up in holiday spending. If you think y... Read more