NewsWhy do we as older men dress so badly?
Why do we as older men dress so badly?

Why do we as older men dress so badly?

Guys, let's face it, we may need some wardrobe advice as just because we are getting older doesn't mean we should stop caring.

I’ve just heard of one older man in rural Victoria who is so unimpressed with our attire that he's writing a book to raise standards.

It’s also sadly true it's been too long since anyone complimented me for anything I was wearing. 

Am I overreacting? Does it matter what we wear anymore, and does dressing down or dressing wrong make men look older?

There's no end of advice online on what older men might wear and to appear smarter and also avoid their terrible mistakes.

The no-nos are obviously more important, as well as being much funnier as most guys think they look younger in this stuff.

So don't, according to this US site, do the following. My asides are in brackets.

  • Wear athletic clothing in public (maybe a polo shirt)
  • Loaf around in sneakers or running shoes at the wrong time (work, date night)
  • Use a baseball cap as an accessory (So many great Aussie hat styles, Akubra etc.)
  • Squeeze into tight trendy clothing (or old clobber that no longer fits your less slim self)
  • Unflattering jeans ( Fitted jeans or classic Levi’s OK but no ultra-skinny slashed jeans)
  • Excessive colours or patterns ( Less is more and note to self multi-tinted socks and ties now old hat)

The cringe-making lists go on and on. It's enough to make me ditch those shirts I no longer need. The stripes and slightly fraying collars are a giveaway they are from another century.

But maybe we don't have to go overboard to fine-tune the wardrobe. An old friend of mine 're-partnered', and the first order from his new squeeze was to ditch almost all his gear in favour of her choice.

Apart from the cost and time, this entailed he didn't look any different to me apart from being more uncomfortable. How many men would risk suggesting such a switch to the women or others in their lives?

But OK, I will cull the redundant, the faulty, the flippant and frankly unsuitable items in my wardrobe. The size, the colour and the style may now be all wrong. Proportion for men is said to be important as many lose bulk on their shoulders and gain it around their waists.

But despite previous demands, I will hang onto my: budgie smugglers, desert boots, lightweight hiking trousers with zip-off shorts and anything else which takes my fancy.

How about you men? Does your clothing collection need to be reassessed or frankly, do you not give a damn? And women, what drives you craziest about what men wear and maybe should not?

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Why do we as older men dress so badly?

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Brian from NSW commented:

when you have cancer, cardio vascular disease, macula degeneration, diabetes and haemhorroids clothing styles seem to be less of a priority. 

Someone from VIC commented:

Older men seem to have an addiction to navy blue and brown clothes. With so many alternatives out there to make older men look way smarter! I have manage to make my 76 year old Dad step out of his comfort zone and he is lovin it! 

Someone from NSW commented:

My lovely hubby of 30 years likes to dress well (thankfully) but my pet hate with mens attire is the tucked in button up shirt that is too tight so their hairy white stomach is on display when they sit down!! 

lyn from NSW commented:

Some men as they get older want to dress to please themselves and not be told by their wife or partner. Also they dont see pants falling down below their stomachs as a problem, they just hitch the up when they have no bott9m to keep them up. 

Gary from WA commented:

Because we're past being immature enough to care about peer pressure, and are comfortable enough in our own skin to be exactly that - comfortable. Advertisers and others telling us what the in-thing is are just so much white noise. 

Someone from NSW commented:

Nobody makes clothes for older men. It is as if men with "broader" proportions never existed!! 

Someone from VIC commented:

I thoroughly agree that men of all ages dress badly-especially here in QLD. The cargo shorts and trousers should be banned -who needs all the pockets . The manufacturers of men's clothing need to wake up as they pour out so much crap that there is nothing decent to buy. The ladies should start complaining when they get dressed up and their man is in his daggiest t-shirt and shorts or badly fitting trousers. I have had ladies compliment me on my shirts and even a polo so there is some dent stuff out there but far and few. The manufacturers need to standardise on sizes as literally you have to try anything that you like because sizes are not standard. A 32 short fits while a 32 trouser doesn't fit and the brand was the same.. Men are impatient when they shop and don't want to be trying everything in the shop to find their right size. The more men that get decently dressed , the slobs will change as they will be embarrassed by being a slob but the manufacturers have got to change and stop turning out crap with drab colours and styles and fittings. 

Rob from QLD commented:

Really? Sure we now have a shape issue and things don't fit as well but many of us had to wear collar and tie or at least dress shirts during working life and now are kicking back. Nothiong wrong with polos and shorts and sandals or thongs. And what are you comparing us to? Quite frankly you need to go the other way. Why are younger folk wearing what they do? Like their music, their attire is atrocious and they really have no idea! I'm talking about parents into their 30s and who should by now have a sense of decorum. What is it with suit trousers which are 10cm too long or worse, 10cm too short and then their casual wear which goes everywhere... for example wearing jeans, which we would not, or worse, jeans we would have consigned to the garbage long before now, to a commemmorative service to lay a wreath. Leave us old farts out of it! 

Peter from NSW commented:

Totally agree with your comments, the problem that I am facing as my chest drops down to my waist, is finding suitable off the shelf jeans or casual trousers that cater for the less trim body. To get a comfortable fit around my waist means the leg length and backside are to suit a person 3 times my size, then to add the cost of a Tailor to alter such apparel makes buying neat fitting stylish cloths expensive. As our community median customer profile changes with men living longer, then so might the manufactures see the demand and move with the times allowing us oldies looking smart and feeling youthful again. 

Someone from NSW commented:

Some older men do dress badly but so do some women. I always take care of what I wear and tune it to where I go - church, local shops, dinner etc. many of my friends do too. I only where old gear around house if gardening or doing maintenance. BEVER wear thongs out of house unless at beach. 

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