NewsGenuine energy-saving ideas? Or just BS?
Genuine energy-saving ideas? Or just BS?

Genuine energy-saving ideas? Or just BS?

There’s no end of advice on how to save energy and hence reduce your power bills, but how much is true and how much is just BS?

Many energy-saving myths and crazy extremes exist, such as insulating your windows with cling film.

But what works? I was drawn to this topic by 50Up member Kathleen from Qld, who hyped the benefits of acrylic bedsheets.

She replied to last week’s blog on this topic. “On your bed in winter, use acrylic blankets, which curb the need to use extra power for heat as they feel warm to touch. 

“Use them as you do sheets, and you can wash them in a washing machine and drip dry on line.”
I couldn’t find any online evidence to support her contention, although there’s plenty about the stiff kind of acrylic sheeting being a good household insulator.
What I did find, however, was a treasure trove of genuinely jaw-dropping hacks people believe might save them energy and, in some cases, actually do.
See more below and share some of your own favourite tricks. You don’t even have to believe they work!
This piece from the Guardian outlines the energy-saving extremists, including plastering kitchen film on your windows. They also suggest putting a sponge in your letterbox to exclude drafts if you have one in your front door!
Other tips in this list that are myth-busted include leaving a fan going in an empty room and handwashing dishes instead of using the machine. Both savings are negative or negligible.
It might be an apocryphal story, i.e. never happened, but I heard about the pensioners who turned off the aerator for their aquarium to save juice and killed all their fish.
Swimming pool pumps and heaters use a lot of electricity, but aquarium devices do not.
What do you do by habit or design to save energy, and do you care if it actually works or not? 
Kathleen swears by her acrylic bedsheets, and if that makes her feel warmer, who are we to argue?

Any information contained in this communication is general advice, it does not take into account your individual circumstances, objectives, financial situation or needs.


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Genuine energy-saving ideas? Or just BS?

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Someone from QLD commented:

Most energy dills are only in city not for other locations. And you keep floging. The same old insurance crape over and over. Offer something of interest maybe how to get a affordable new or second hand electronic car as some of us may need to replace the one we have on abuget 

Robert from NSW commented:

Find all your power points and light switches. If they're switched on and not in use, just turn them off. ( now if only my wife would do the same ) 

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