NewsCOVID Jab #4? Why not.
COVID Jab #4? Why not.

COVID Jab #4? Why not.

It’s a good feeling. My left arm has a mild ache, and I’m amongst the first of the eligible 7.4 million locals to get the fourth COVID booster jab.

Being eligible does not mean 100% execution, but for my money, anything to reduce the disruption and spread of the mongrel bug, even in my tawdry body, is worthwhile.

I’ve had all the vaccinations as and when they became available. They didn’t stop me from going down with it like a ton of bricks at Easter, but the jabs did reduce the symptoms. 

I’m off O/S in August and want to do everything feasible to prevent it from happening again.

So when I heard the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) had recommended the additional protection of the fourth booster for those aged 50-64, I was in, as they say, like Flynn. 

How about you? Have you gone with the fourth yet or intend to soon? Or do you feel it’s all over bar the shouting? Or have you not even had the earlier jabs yet, let alone the fourth?

A few clicks to find a local pharmacy (try here for yours), one phone call to secure an earlier time, and I was there, shirt sleeve rolled up for number four. The process was so quick, simple and accessible that I wondered why anyone wouldn’t bother. 

I appreciate there are those in rural and remote areas and due to other reasons do not find it so simple, but for most people, most of the time, it is.

However, as we know, there is community complacency, denial and rejection, not just from fringe groups. 

The official community sentiment monitor shows concern about the overall COVID-19 situation dropping to its lowest levels this month, dropping significantly from last month (26% very/extremely concerned).

And regardless of the fourth dose, third dose intentions dropped significantly in May: 81% of adult Australians have either already had, or plan to get, a third dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. 

But to see it another way through official figures, about 20 million of us over 16 are fully vaccinated, and 14 million have had the third jab.

It leaves 7 million people who haven’t had the third let alone the fourth vaccination. Is this you, and if so, why?

I’m biased, of course. I trust science and medicine and only listen to authorities in their field. It’s a terrible prejudice, but so far, so good. How about you?

Any information contained in this communication is general advice, it does not take into account your individual circumstances, objectives, financial situation or needs.


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COVID Jab #4? Why not.

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Someone from NSW commented:

Stop the Jab Garbage. If you are over 65-70 perhaps perhaps, did I say perhaps it may help you. Definitely however anyone under 50 should not never ever be jabbed by this invasive unknown result experiment, Unless you are significantly immune compromised. Then and only then consider the possible benifits. Currently Australia remains 3rd highset Covid Death toll per head of population whilst being the second most vaccinated country in the world. If this "VACCINE" actually worked this would not be the case. You have been lied to by everyone associated.. Whilst countries around the world are banning children from getting the Jabb. Australia are pushing ... Take your blinkers off people. Stop pandering to their fear campaign. Be safe take Vitamins D, Zinc, Magnesium Lemon and honey tea. Simple safe old school remedies. Rinse you mouth with simple solution betadine mouth wash, Proven to kill the Covid Virus if used immediately upon onset of symptoms. Get as much sun as you can. Be as healthy and hygienic as possible. Why does Government health advice not tell you this? Ask the question, demand the real answers. stop main Stream Media from their disinformation thrust onto society for the past 2 years. Research the free internet for the truth. 

Ann from QLD commented:

I had my fourth vaccination as soon as it was available for over 65s. I have recently had covid and it did knock me over but I didn't end up in hospital. If a fifth jab is recommended I will definitely line up. Being sick for a few days with covid is far better than being on life support. 

Someone from SA commented:

... we have each day so much of 'jab's propaganda each day. Many of us don't want to be a heard of obedient sheep. Science without discussion is not science, it's terrorism. 

Someone from VIC commented:

Pls stop the gas lighting with so caled sore arms etc etc. Until the media & doctors & big pharma start honestly talking about the significant side effects then how can the poplulation trust our institutions. Just talk to some of the nurses from the ER back in 2021. When we now give jabs to 3 yr olds we are in a dangrerous place as a society. 

Frank from NSW commented:

Omg what hysteria and conspiracy theories you Anti Vaxxers spread! Perhaps instead concentrate on Labor/Greens 43% emission policy and imminent shut down of country's coal fired Power Stations as the extreme heat and cold from BLACKOUTS will soon kill you or your elderly relatives before any Vaccine. 

Someone from NSW replied to Frank:

By the admission of the Government approval documentation and Phizer, Moderna own admission the is an experiment Lies from the very beginning and you call people proving it conspiracy Theorists. Independent Evidence continues to prove the truth. To trust science you must remove your blinkers and research both side of the argument. Or as NZ PM Jacinda Adhern demands do not trust anyone but her Government narrative. Since when can you truly trust government? 

Carmen from QLD commented:

Hello People please stop telling these morons what you are actually thinking, they are using this site to monitor the publics ‘ gullibility and to figure out how to further inflict their evil agenda upon us. 4 million dead in the USA alone from the experimental drug. Why the fuck does anyone on this website want to know what you think unless they are selling it to Big Brother. 

Helga from QLD commented:

Give me a break. this lady obviously has only listened to the Government propaganda, that was handed down from the corrupt CDC , who are in bed with the big Pharma and the WHO who are run by Bill Gates. fityup please do not send me this kind of garbage again, I have not signed up for it, only for discounts for people of my age 

Someone from QLD replied to Helga:

It’s probably a paid advert.. 

Someone from NSW commented:

OK, so I joined Fifty Up Club to save money on energy deals etc now they want to promote the jab and give me advice on private medical matters that are meant to be between me and my doctor. Sorry FiftyUp Club, this went over what you are about. I am now leaving the Club.... 

Someone from VIC commented:

I am honestly gobsmacked, for people that keep lining up, are they living in a dream world, I mean we have "SADS" after introducing a vaccine "regime", maybe they are admitting something about the childhood vaccine "regime", looking at SIDS, open your eyes people and actually see what is going on, the reports of deaths all the time, why have they never done this so publicly in the past, go back and check out the data from past years, its only now, they are pushing it in our faces, otherwise people wouldn't blink an eye on the death toll. I mean no disrespect at all, but please put some perspective on things. Jab free here, & intend to stay so. 

Louis from NSW commented:

Wow. Is this woman even half serious ? She claims to “ trust science and medicine “ but clearly hasn’t read any of the statistics from a number of different medical studies that prove without a shadow of a doubt that the major Covid vaccines ( Pfizer, AZ etc ) offer very minimal “protection” from Covid, and any protection given is depleted very rapidly. And even if she doesn’t read medical studies she’s presumably come across the tons of anecdotal evidence that anyone - except those with their heads stuck in the sand - would have seen which demonstrate repeatedly that jabbed people are catching Covid with the same regularity, or worse, than the unvaccinated. I called BS on this fake jab as soon as I’d read that Big Pharma manufacturers have ensured that they have ZERO legal liability in case of any injury or damage suffered from taking their vaccine. If they were even half-confident that their jab was safe why would they insist that Governments everywhere ensure legal indemnity ? Anyone who isn’t alarmed at this one fact alone, leaving aside all the other failings and broken promises that the vaccine rollout has left in its wake, must have rocks in their head. Oh, and another thing, it’s actually an insult for this writer to refer to refer to those of us who haven’t swallowed the propaganda from Big Pharma as “fringe groups”. A rude attempt at marginalising those of us who can actually analyse data on our own, and think for ourselves, rather than mindlessly following a failed Government policy and its compliant lapdogs in the mainstream media. So glad I’ve refused the pressure to take this experimental vaccine. It’s called critical thinking- she ought to try it. My choice to shun this fake jab is further underlined when I see friends, family and colleagues all around me falling sick to Covid despite their having taken all the multiple “boosters” being pushed on them, and yet I haven’t taken a single shot and haven’t caught Covid once. 

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