Here's some rare good news about Power Prices, but not until July...

It's not often we get good news about power prices Down Under but there was a glimmer of hope for some states this week. Electricity prices are expected to fall by an average of 6.2% each year for the next two years starting from July, according to the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC). Victorians are expected to experience the biggest fall in prices by 8.2% a year between 20... Read more

Revealed: The Aussie Suburbs Affected By Energy Poverty

As switched-on energy customers would know, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has met with energy retailers several times this year in an effort to bring down power prices.  The retailers agreed to contact over 2 million customers who are not receiving a discount to inform them by the end of 2017 that there are better deals out there. Did you receive a letter?  This week we learnt that abou... Read more

Energy rebates the order of the day. Here’s what’s coming your way.

Energy rebates seem to be the flavour of the month for our politicians, with QLD and Victoria getting confirmation this week of rebates coming their way.  Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk remains confident she will win enough seats to form a majority government, paving the way for $100 in promised rebates over two years. Meanwhile, 285,000 Victorian households were promised a refu... Read more

Energy Wars – coming soon to an election near you!

With the QLD state election now in full swing and the VIC election a year away, it’s pretty clear what will be the #1 political issue in elections all around Australia over the coming years.  It’s power prices. From the PM all the way down, it’s all they want to talk about on the hustings. Here’s our summary of the very interesting ideas coming from both major parties in QLD, which could ... Read more

Bill Shock: How Kayley Harris cut her Energy bill by 44%

As a single mum, I have to watch my budget very closely. I have a 12-month budget forecast that enables me to see if any of my bills are not affordable, so I can either contact the provider or move other bills around to accommodate it. Part of my budget obviously includes my energy bill and I currently pay $260 a month and, until recently, this had covered my bills. In fact, on some occasion... Read more

Yes, there is a way to stop sweating over your Air Con bill this Summer

In the baking heat of the Summer, the size of your power bill can make you reluctant to turn on your air con, so your cosy home ends up turning into an uncomfortable sweat box on a regular basis.  It just doesn’t seem to matter whether temperatures skyrocket or plummet, power bills seem to only go one way, through the roof! Seven in 10 Australians believe air conditioning has the largest ... Read more

Finally Some Action From Canberra On Energy Prices

I’m not sure which of the two big news stories this week – power prices or Harvey Weinstein – is more depressing. I guess turning the lights off at your place is a good thing if you want to save energy, but if you happen to be at Harvey’s place… well you get my drift.  Rod Sims, head of the ACCC this week announced that energy prices have risen 90 per cent in real terms over a decade. Mr ... Read more

$700k worth of savings tips from the government

Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, you would have noticed all the talk about energy prices. If you have been off the grid (pun intended), there’s no hiding from your energy bill, which will find you eventually.  And so will the Federal Government’s latest $700,000 ad campaign! Launched this month, the Powering Forward Campaign reportedly cost tax-payers $300,000 for 60 seconds... Read more

Energy prices continue to dominate the national news cycle this week with all sides of government weighing in on the debate.

The Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull has been rubbishing “Blackout Bill” Shorten as he travels the eastern states promoting the Government’s response to rising electricity bills. In Queensland, LNP Leader Tim Nicholls launched a broadside at Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk claiming “Queensland electricity prices are at record highs and families and businesses are hurting because of one rea... Read more

Janet Albrechtsen the latest to see the benefits of bartering

Well-known newspaper columnist and lawyer Janet Albrechtsen is the latest to discover the value of shopping around for cheaper power. In her Australian Newspaper column published last week, Albrechtsen explains how she took the initiative and received a whopping 24% discount on her power bill by simply calling and asking her provider, AGL, for a price shake down.    What’s more, no new co... Read more