The Letter We Would Like To Receive From Our Energy Retailers

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull recently met with energy retailers who have agreed to contact over 2 million customers to inform them a better power deal is available.  Those on NO discount will get a letter, as will those who used to be on a better discount until it expired and was reduced to a lower discount. Those letters will be sent out by Christmas, they've assured us, and the PM sa... Read more

Take stock of your electricity bills now!

We are proud to announce that we were able to unlock BIG DISCOUNTED energy offers because of you and the combined people power of over 20.000 FiftyUp Club members! This year, skyrocketing energy prices have been a hot topic in the news. And it’s apparent that consumers are incredibly frustrated with the current cost of energy. We think your frustration is justified, especially since Malco... Read more

Big new Group Discounts are just around the corner!

More than 20,000 of you have now joined our Power Up & Save Campaign and the good news is, we are getting VERY close to releasing big new Group Discounts on Electricity & Gas for Australian homes and small businesses. Watch this space in the days to come and keep an eye on your inbox, then  be sure to make the most of this opportunity. As our survey of over 13,000 Australians has... Read more

Aussie households set to freeze out of fear of huge winter energy bills

  The Power Up and Save campaign survey has found that over half of our members haven’t run the heater this winter. All of this out of fear of rising energy bills. The campaign was launched to help our members save on their energy bills. So far, over 17,000 people have joined the campaign, many of whom are struggling. 85% of those surveyed, declared they’re making sacrifices to aff... Read more

Power Up & Save Campaign visits the home of the world’s most expensive electricity prices!

Christopher Zinn and the FiftyUp Club team visited Adelaide this morning. Surprisingly, South Australians pay 47.13¢ per kilowatt hour, the highest electricity prices than anywhere else in the world!  That is why the Power Up & Save campaign aims to fight back by getting 30,000 people to join together in a bid to use their combined buying power to unlock big discounts on electricity and ... Read more

8000 FiftyUps join new energy campaign in first 24 hours

Our new people power campaign has seen over 8000 people and small businesses join in its first 24 hours; representing over $14,400,000 in combined electricity-bill buying power. The Power Up & Save campaign aims to aggregate 30,000 individuals and small businesses in a bid to use their combined buying power to unlock big discounts on electricity and gas. Our campaign was launched at Sou... Read more

Analysis reveals some silver linings in power price hikes

A new analysis reveals some silver linings in the recent July 1 power price hikes, with retailers also raising solar feed-in tariffs. The FiftyUp Club asked our energy analyst to look at what has changed in the electricity market since July 1. Not surprisingly, they found big price hikes of up to 20% - driven by the rising cost of wholesale energy. But because wholesalers are charging mor... Read more

Bankers crunch the numbers on July 1 Power Price hikes

All the headlines said power bills were rising by as much as 20% on July 1, but a bunch of financial analysts have dug a bit deeper to reveal the real story.  While tariffs are up, so are discounts – and this means there’s never been a more important time to compare what you’re on. (As a FiftyUp Club member, you can do that right here by checking out the latest special offers for members.... Read more

50 ways to save on power bills for the Over-50s

Every dollar counts for Australians faced with skyrocketing power bills, so it’s vital to have your home running as efficiently as possible.  Stuck for ideas on how to save? Never fear, The FiftyUp Club has chosen 50 great ideas to help you keep your power usage - and electricity charges down without having to go cold this winter.  1. Join the FiftyUp Club! We've unlocked new, group-disco... Read more

Power Prices causing vulnerable Aussies to skip vital meals, health treatments

As we brace for a July 1 energy price hike that could see bills rise by 20% or more, the NSW Council of Social Service has released a new report showing that some households have been pushed to breaking point by high electricity bills.  Click here to see if you can save by switching to one of the Club’s special offers for the Over-50s The report was based on a survey of 440 people living ... Read more