Second Major Retailer Announces Power Price Hikes of up to $500

Two of the Big 3 energy retailers have now announced electricity price hikes of $300-$500 for households starting on July 1. On Thursday, EnergyAustralia notified newspapers of increases ranging from 7% to 20% on Electricity bills for customers. EnergyAustralia says this adds: $369 for an average Electricity & Gas customer in NSW, $130 for an average Electricity customer in SE... Read more

$580 Power Bill Increase? What?

We've been warning members for sometime that there are outrageous price rises coming to power bills in July, and now it's becoming official.  The first increases were announced yesterday in the ACT, with average homes getting a $580 whack on the electricity and gas bills. It's never been more important to shop around for cheap power. Be sure to check out the Club's current special offers ... Read more

Final Day For Energy Special Offers

We need all the help we can get when it comes to energy prices, so it was good news to see the government move to ensure cheaper gas for Australian homes and businesses this week.  Despite the Turnbull government warning Australia's largest gas producers about placing limits on their exports, big gas companies have refused to promise they will no longer export more gas from the Australian ma... Read more

Power Bill Predictions rise to 30%

The experts’ predictions about how much Power Bills will rise in July just keep on, well, rising.  As we reported last week, NSW households will reportedly have to pay up to 20% a year more for power from July because of a 50 per cent increase in the wholesale electricity price.  This week, the ABC’s Four Corners program reported that Eastern Seaboard energy customers could even see price... Read more

Rumours of 20% Price Rises persist

Brace yourself for yet more power bill increases in July, with more and more evidence that they could be as high as 20% in some states.  NSW households will reportedly have to pay up to $400 a year more for power from July because of a 50 per cent increase in the wholesale electricity price, the energy minister confirmed in the Daily Telegraph last week. Victorians don’t escape, with the ... Read more

$75 Free Kick Thanks To Nick Xenophon

It’s not a permanent solution to the problem of high power bills, but it’s better than nothing: pensioners are set to get a $75 cheque for the Government.  The House of Representatives has adjourned until the May Budget but the Federal government has been continuing to negotiate with the Senate over company tax cuts. Senator Nick Xenophon had supported a tax cut for companies with a turno... Read more

Energy companies on notice as the ACCC moves in

Finally, the pollies in Canberra are listening to what our members and other Australians have been saying for a decade: power bills are far too high.  PRIME Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced this week an Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s (ACCC) review of retail electricity prices because the markets don’t appear to be operating as effectively as they could be. The Prime M... Read more

Energy bills are too confusing and many just give up

If you’ve ever tried to work out how your energy bill is broken up or tried to compare retailers and found the process frustrating, new research shows you’re not alone. The Grattan Institute said this week “the way retailers ­advertise their discounts is confusing and possibly misleading”. Consumers found the plans difficult to negotiate and many had given up. The Choice Consumer Pulse... Read more

Would You Buy Power From Your Neighbour?

Why do homeowners with solar panels now get treated completely differently depending on which state they live in? And why isn’t there a way for those who don’t have a solar-friendly rooftop to get some of their energy from the sun? Well, both of those things might be about to change... Last week the Victorian Essential Services Commission (ESC) set a price for feeding solar electricity... Read more

5 Ways to Save on Energy Bills

1. Rethink the beer fridge This great Australian tradition doesn’t come cheap. Beer fridges tend to be older and therefore less energy efficient, and can chew through more than $250 a year. So if you can do without it, kiss the beer fridge goodbye! >>> Potential saving: up to $300 2. Adjust your thermostat Research has found men are most comfortable at about 22 degrees Cels... Read more