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The Jobs That Get Better With Age

Do older people make better Real Estate agents? Are there other jobs we do better too?  Ten per cent of licensed agents and 9% of sales consultants in the real estate industry are working way past the retirement age in Australia. Social media, changes in legislation, time constraints on lifestyle, competitiveness within the industry and advertising demands are all features of the property in... Read more

The 98 Year Old Gym Junkie

I recently started working out again. I joined a group of ladies who meet weekly in a local park and do a class called Metafit. It’s what they call these days a HiiT class, High Intensity Interval Training.  After one 30 minute class, I couldn’t walk for two days. I felt so unfit and considered never doing it again until I read John Hamilton’s story. At 98 years old, John may be the oldes... Read more

The Most Difficult Parent-Child Conversation of all?

People often feel anxious and guilty when it comes to discussing aged care options with their family members. Maybe you’ve noticed that mum or dad are not coping as well around the house. Maybe they are getting forgetful. What if they have a fall at home and no one is there? The first obstacle to starting this conversation is your guilt. No-one wants to be the person who says to an elderl... Read more

Are You A Typical Older Australian?

The Australian Institute of Health and Wellbeing has just released it’s latest report into older Australians - have a look below and see how you compare. Their definition of “older” for the purpose of the survey is people over 65… In 2016, approximately 3.7 million people (15% of Australia’s total population) were aged 65 and over. The stats show we’re healthy, financially in a good p... Read more

The Share Economy - Is It For You?

A recent Curtin University analysis of national data from the Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia survey suggested that the over 70’s demographic is happiest in the work place.  Report spokesperson Rhonda Brighton-Hall says the new study reveals that Australians who work for themselves or in small businesses, in the not-for-profit or government sector and workers that can do s... Read more

Fancy Being An Angel?

I had the absolute pleasure this week of speaking to Marjorie Pagani. Marjorie is the CEO of an organisation called Angel Flight that coordinates non-emergency flights to help country people trying to deal with the triple trouble of bad health, poor finances and daunting distances.  Angel Flight started in 2003 when Businessman and Pilot Bill Bristow and some of his pilot buddies heard about... Read more

Loyalty schemes - Retailers Get More From Them Than You Do

How many loyalty cards do you have in your wallet? If you’re like me you probably have so many your wallet won’t close. I tried switching to the StoCard app to store the information in my iPhone but I’ve even had enough of this as well.  There are more than three times as many loyalty cards as there are credit cards in Australia, analysis from comparison website suggests. There... Read more

Understanding How Reverse Mortgages Work

At the FiftyUp Club, we encourage members to reach out to us and to each other when we’re faced with the same issues. I received the following email from member Helen (pictured):  "Hi Kayley, "I had no savings for over 6yrs then sold my house and moved into a retirement unit so I could have some funds as I was sick of having nothing.  "Turns out this was not a wise move! It  freed ... Read more

What passes for Entertainment These Days?

Last week in the news was the horrifying story of a Brisbane law professor who had been posing as singer Justin Beiber online to solicit explicit images from young children.  The 42 year old has been charged with 931 child sex offences including rape, indecent treatment of children, making child exploitation material as well as other offences. This issue of your children’s safety on line ... Read more

Romance Scam Warning

Last week, a Sydney mother was sentenced to three and half years behind bars for swindling more than $2 million from seven victims who she had met through dating services. Sanaa Derbas last year pleaded guilty to 11 fraud-related offences after tricking the seven victims into lending her money which she used to fund her gambling and cocaine habits, and to build a house. Between 2008 and 2... Read more