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How Dim Sims were invented

Last Sunday was the official end of Chinese New Year Celebrations for 2017. I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Elizabeth Chong on the show this week and it was delightful to hear her story and that of her father William – who can be credited with introducing Aussies to the Dim Sim, now a staple at every Chinese restaurant and fish and chip shop in the country! In the 1930’s Willi... Read more

Is it too early to be talking about tax returns?

Each year in July I diligently lodge my tax return through my accountant and eagerly await his call on how much he expects I will get back. It’s usually around $2000 which appears to be the average according to the Federal Government’s Money Smart website ($2,112 - Average tax refund 2 ) Imagine my surprise last year when I get a call saying I owe the ATO $4000! How did this happen? Surely i... Read more

Your Spare Key Is Easier To Find Than You Think

You’ve got the car and bags packed, accommodation booked and you’ve boarded the pets. You’re almost done… Don't let the anticipation of a well-deserved vacation blind you to the risks of leaving your home unprotected. Take precautions before you leave and review your home safety checklist before you head out. A little extra vigilance will help keep your property and belongings safer while... Read more

What if FiftyUps created their own testing acronyms? #LOL

A couple of years back I received an invitation to a seminar about the internet at my sons’ high school. At the time my boys were 15 and 13 years old. Both were on Facebook and had mobile phones so I thought it would be good to go along. I liked to think that I knew what my kids were up to online but I was surprised by what I learnt. Susan McLean is a former Victorian Police officer and Aust... Read more

The "D's"

I recently interviewed Toni Powell about her life journey which is amazing. I asked Toni To write something up for members and I'm thrilled to share her story below. I'd love your feedback at the end. A LIFELINE IN THE FUTURE I have a wise friend who spends her life helping people deal with what she calls life’s D’s – a list that includes death, divorce, disease, diagnosis, depression, di... Read more

Is This Your Dream Job?

I have been fortunate enough in my life to tick a major holiday off my bucket list. In 2000 I visited Antarctica on board a Russian icebreaker. My husband had no desire to accompany me saying “if I want to be that cold, I’ll stick my head in the freezer”. Contrary to popular belief, it’s actually not that cold in the Southern Continent during the tourism season. Winter is another story all t... Read more

The Rise and Rise of the Minor Parties - Would you vote for them?

  The recent swing against the Nationals in the Orange Byelection in NSW is yet another example of the growing influence of minor parties in Australia. The Nationals suffered a 35% swing against them on the primary vote, eventually losing to Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party candidate Philip Donato, despite the seat being held on a 21.7 per cent margin by the Coalition partner. The r... Read more


This week we have 5 copies of the book Having It All At 50 Plus. It’s a fantastic book with some amazing chapters offering inspiration to help readers re-define themselves and live life to their fullest potential. It also features a chapter by me! (FiftyUp Club’s Kayley Harris). To win a copy email me at To order a copy head to Read more

War Child by Annette Janic and Catherine McCullagh

War Child is a true story that spans 100 years, a tale of Nazi Germany, the lingering effects of war, the 1950s Australian migration experience and a modern-day search. Magdalena (‘Leni’) is an illegitimate child born in pre-World War II Germany in a small town steeped in superstition. Spurned by her Catholic grandfather, Leni and her mother live in poverty in a country sliding towards war. ... Read more


This week we have 5 copies of the book Blueprint to Wealth by Finance Expert Gary Stone, and 10 doubles passes (valued at $40 each) to see the film MAHANA. (Only showing in Melbourne and Sydney). Gary Stone is a top market researcher and investor and his new book is called Blueprint to Wealth, Financial Freedom in 15 Minutes A Week. Gary has given us 5 copies to giveaway.  Secondly, Rose... Read more