NewsWhy the Over-50s Should Demand Cheaper Insurance
Why the Over-50s Should Demand Cheaper Insurance

Why the Over-50s Should Demand Cheaper Insurance

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It’s the graph some car insurers don’t want you to see.
The diagram above clearly shows who are the safest drivers on the road – FiftyUps.
Drivers in their 50s, 60s and 70s have fewer accidents, according to a report from the Older Driver Safety Advisory Committee‘s Report to the Queensland Department of Transport, in December 2011.
So why are they being asked to drive less in some states such as Victoria, and why aren’t they all paying less for their car insurance?
As FiftyUp Club CEO and former NRMA Insurance boss David Issa puts it:
“We’re the safest drivers, we follow the road rules, we’re careful with our cars, and we tend to drive less … But unfortunately our loyalty doesn’t get rewarded by most car insurance companies.”
Quite the opposite: most insurance companies use the premiums of over-50s to cross-subsidise more reckless, younger drivers.
That’s why FiftyUp Club members and other drivers over 50 should demand more from their car insurer.
Remember: You need to be prepared to move or you could be taken advantage of. You don’t generally need to wait for your car insurance renewal to arrive before you switch, so if you’re getting a raw deal, vote with your feet – or your wheels.
Make sure you get a reward for being statistically one of the safest drivers on the road.
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Why the Over-50s Should Demand Cheaper Insurance

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Someone from NSW commented:

How do i get a cheap green slip for my 07 falcon utility 

Ruth from NSW commented:

Yesterday I got a quote from Coles insurance, it saved me $1350.00 per year. It was like for like on my existing insurance. I have 2 cars and Home/Contents Insurance. It is a massive saving, with a guarantee of the same premiums for 2 years. I decided to take up the offer. This morning when I rang my existing Insurance Company (APIA) I was verbally abused by the phone consultant. Maybe she is of the opinion that over 50's are senile and stupid. When I write my letter of complaint re. the way she spoke to me, then it may remind her that we over 50's expect to be treated respectfully and with dignity. Thanks to fiftyupclub for negotiating better deals for us. 

Reg from QLD commented:

I am disappointed and puzzled that this Club has chosen Coles as the "go to insurer" for over 50's. The too-ing and fro-ing to get a final quote is ridiculous in itself let alone what cover is being provided. Scrambling through an "on the run" translation of the salesperson on a scratchy connection from South Africa is bad enough so I'd hate to think what cover might be afforded. They gave me no idea of what fitted accessories might be covered. "What are in-line auxiliary batteries? What are clear view mirrors?" Suggest a level of extreme caution now or wait to you make a claim for the truth to hit you where it hurts. 

Mary from VIC commented:

Totally agree. We deserve cheaper premiums. 

Janine from NSW commented:

It is wrong that the 50-85 age group who are the safest drivers on our roads, are subsidising those who are not! Give us the rewards that we have clearly earned please. 

john from VIC commented:

Couldn't agree more 

tony from VIC commented:

why is my car insurance go from $700to over$850 for the same car is because it is a imported Mazda 3 

Colin from VIC commented:

I agree that I'm a much better driver than average. Where's my cheaper premium? 

glenda from VIC commented:

I agree with Waynes comment what a great idea insure the drivers not the car. 

Wayne from VIC commented:

would like to see insurance of the driver not the vehicle as all drivers will then be insured when they drive. owning multiple vehicles would not incur an insurance premium for each vehicle only the one you are driving. add the cost to your licence and given every driver is insured then the premiums would be likely to fall overall. 

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