NewsHave YOUR Say in this 5-Minute COVID Vaccine Survey
Have YOUR Say in this 5-Minute COVID Vaccine Survey

Have YOUR Say in this 5-Minute COVID Vaccine Survey

Families, friends, colleagues and even our leaders have varied views as to what we FiftyUps should do about COVID vaccination - so it’s time to hear once and for all what YOU think.

Many people seek to speak for those aged over 50 but here’s a chance to anonymously and powerfully speak for yourself and see what your age cohort really thinks! Take our 5-minute COVID-19 Vaccination Survey here.

This is a simple online survey which should take no more than five minutes of your time.

It’s totally anonymous and there’s no claim for statistical significance - although with 400,000+ members we’d hope to cast some light on older Australians’ views.

At the end there’ll be room to make any comments too if you wish. We’d ask you to complete the survey ASAP so we can publish the results next week and you can see what other FiftyUps think and feel.

Click here to take the FiftyUp Club’s COVID-19 Vaccination Survey


Any information is general advice, it does not take into account your individual circumstances, objectives, financial situation or needs.

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Rodney from NSW commented:

Those who chose not to be vaccinated are risking their lives their family their friends and the lives of their community, a very selfish attitude, we are not going to be safe until every body is vaccinated, except those who are advised by their GP to not get vaccinated. come on every body get the jab, i'v had the Astra Zeneca simptons similar to getting the Flu jab nothing to worry about, I feel relaxed knowing I'v had the jab. Regards Rod 

Les from NSW commented:

The government has spent an enormous amount of money on vaccines developed elsewhere but has ignored an Australian vaccine Covax 19 developed by Flinders university and a company called Vaxine. This company has since joined with Cinnagen in Iran to produce this vaccine where it will go through testing and then be rolled out to Iranians. Testing so far has shown it to be effective and safe, this is where the government has failed this company and Australians 

Karen from NSW commented:

The reason for my preference for mRNA vaccines (e.g. Pfizer/Moderna) is that the alternative uses a vector that can you can become immune to thereby lowering its efficacy over time. It is likely that when we get to the stage of needing booster shots to account for newer yet to emerge variants, mRNA vaccines are cheaper and faster to tweak! Having said that I will accept AstraZeneca when I can get it. Currently, my GP clinic has a 15 weeks waiting list for the first shot. It is not a question of not having enough vaccines - they have more then they can deliver. The problem is that it is a nurse-led clinic and she (the only person delivering the vaccine) only vaccinates 25 people a day! This means in my case (and for others in my area) we will not be fully vaccinated until January 2022. 

Geoff from NSW replied to Karen:

Why don't you try to different practice? 

Margaret from NSW commented:

All persons older than 49 should ensure they have the vaccination otherwise we will be in the same difficulty as Victoria is now. It is a simple process with only small possible after effects, sleepiness, headaches which only last for a few hours. I have had my first jab and awaiting anxiously for the second in the next week. Support the Government with there offer as soon as possible. 

Someone from QLD commented:

I lost my first effort (!!) but may I repeat: " there are an awful of of countries who won't let you in without the vax for Cholera, Yellow Fever, Small Pox, Malaria, Typhoid, to name a few and sometimes the vax is even given at the airport! It's not a choice! A vax of any kind is the option to the disease. My booster is due. Why hesitate? " Doreen from QLD 

chris from NSW commented:

Hi Christopher Zinn here, Sorry for this but I have just been advised due to a technical error when the survey was set up FiftyUp members were not able to see the questions! That's now been corrected so please proceed now. We shall also resend the survey in next week's newsletter. My apologies as I too was dead keen to see your answers so please proceed, best Christopher 

Richard from NSW commented:

Doesn't allow me to submit my responses if I answer "YES" to having had the vaccination. Useless survey. 

Eric Ross
Eric Ross from NSW commented:

Useless survey when it cannot be accessed by everyone!! Google forms and "needing permission" from ... MYSELF?! Really?! I actually NEVER use Google routinely anyway, so have a bogus account just for such 'needs', but even then, I cannot access the survey when I log into my own account, "as I need permission"... from myself?! Sorry... if you want a real survey result, please do it via some other means that is actually accessible by all... 

Terry from NSW commented:

After inviting responses to your survey you then tell recipients they are ineligible to complete that survey. Go figure? 

Someone from WA commented:

If the person who created the form uses Google apps for work or education, they'll need to change a setting for their Google Form. Contact the person who created the form or sent it to you. Here’s a suggestion of what to say: "I received a Google Form from you, but I can't open it because it's restricted to people within your organization. If you would like me to fill it out, follow the instructions here:" 

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