NewsHave YOUR Say in this 5-Minute COVID Vaccine Survey
Have YOUR Say in this 5-Minute COVID Vaccine Survey

Have YOUR Say in this 5-Minute COVID Vaccine Survey

Families, friends, colleagues and even our leaders have varied views as to what we FiftyUps should do about COVID vaccination - so it’s time to hear once and for all what YOU think.

Many people seek to speak for those aged over 50 but here’s a chance to anonymously and powerfully speak for yourself and see what your age cohort really thinks! Take our 5-minute COVID-19 Vaccination Survey here.

This is a simple online survey which should take no more than five minutes of your time.

It’s totally anonymous and there’s no claim for statistical significance - although with 400,000+ members we’d hope to cast some light on older Australians’ views.

At the end there’ll be room to make any comments too if you wish. We’d ask you to complete the survey ASAP so we can publish the results next week and you can see what other FiftyUps think and feel.

Click here to take the FiftyUp Club’s COVID-19 Vaccination Survey


Any information is general advice, it does not take into account your individual circumstances, objectives, financial situation or needs.

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Someone from QLD commented:

I had my jab on April 1st. No reaction and I am in the over 65 age group. I had the AZ jab. Booster due in a few weeks time. I think there should be an open door policy for ALL eligible age groups for each type of vaccine, regardless of age. I do not think they should have to wait until they are in the right category - the more done asap, the sooner the better, is the best way in my opinion. 

Robyn from NSW commented:

Every time I try to do your survey, it says 'you need permission" 

Someone from QLD commented:

No, can't seem to access the survey, unfortunately. 

Someone from NSW commented:

Can’t access the survey without a google account. So no thanks 

Graham from VIC commented:

Can't access your survey unless we have a google account. No Thanks 

Graham from VIC commented:

contacted my medical centre in Feb was told i had to go on a list a month later heard nothing so went to surgery to get the jab was told I couldn't have it, had to go on a list, told wouldn't get to me until mid June. In the meantime my wife had us booked in at her medical centre in May and we both received our covid jab. What a fiasco this roll out has turned out to be. Now my 81 year old sister in law who is not an Australian Citizen can't get vaccinated because she doesn't have a medicare card !!! how stupid is that. 

Adrian from VIC commented:

I have the same not working. As many have mentioned previously, I would be happy to stand in line today to get my vaccination if I was offered the Pfizer, but not for the AZ. I believe that it is morally and ethically wrong that all Australians don't have the right to ask for the vaccine that they prefer rather than being forced to have no choice at all and putting their lives (regardless of the small percentage) further at risk with blood clots. Where has democracy gone? Where has free choice gone? Until Pfizer is available, I will wait. 

Sandra from QLD commented:

Also unable to open survey. I need permission etc. I am most happy to get the vaccination, however my GP has been unable to get supplies and does not know if he will even get them. Go figure. The Qld govt can spend $8 million on a rubgy league game in Townsville, but cannot safeguard her residents from the virus by getting a supply of vaccines at what cost. 

Warwick from NSW commented:

"You need permission This form can only be viewed by users in the owner's organisation. Try contacting the owner of the form if you think that this is a mistake." 

Someone from SA commented:

Unable to open the survey - a message appears saying that I need permission to do so. Anyway, as an over 70, I do not want the Astra Zeneca vaccine, and think it is totally wrong that we are not allowed the choice of having the Pfizer. In America, people have the choice of three vaccines. If the Pfizer was available to all age groups, I am sure the vaccination rate would increase. 

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