NewsHave YOUR Say in this 5-Minute COVID Vaccine Survey
Have YOUR Say in this 5-Minute COVID Vaccine Survey

Have YOUR Say in this 5-Minute COVID Vaccine Survey

Families, friends, colleagues and even our leaders have varied views as to what we FiftyUps should do about COVID vaccination - so it’s time to hear once and for all what YOU think.

Many people seek to speak for those aged over 50 but here’s a chance to anonymously and powerfully speak for yourself and see what your age cohort really thinks! Take our 5-minute COVID-19 Vaccination Survey here.

This is a simple online survey which should take no more than five minutes of your time.

It’s totally anonymous and there’s no claim for statistical significance - although with 400,000+ members we’d hope to cast some light on older Australians’ views.

At the end there’ll be room to make any comments too if you wish. We’d ask you to complete the survey ASAP so we can publish the results next week and you can see what other FiftyUps think and feel.

Click here to take the FiftyUp Club’s COVID-19 Vaccination Survey


Any information is general advice, it does not take into account your individual circumstances, objectives, financial situation or needs.

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Someone from VIC commented:

Ditto ! 

Helen from QLD commented:

I had my first vaccination for COVID as I am 72 and I had no reaction at all. Looking forward to the second round. 

Stephen from VIC commented:

cant do it due to google not letting me!! 

Someone from WA commented:

Once the vaccines are approved safe for use (official trials finish late 2022 & early 2023) then I will take it, in the meantime, I do not wish to be a guinea pig, long effects are unknown and no medical “expert” can unequivocally state otherwise. 

Maria from QLD commented:

I would have liked to do survey but i wont do it thru google facebook 

Someone from NSW commented:

Can't do the survey because I don't have a Google account - sorry. I'd like info on what the vaccines do in our body before subjecting myself to it - just saying 'do it' is not enough in this age of spin and social manipulation. 

Someone from VIC commented:

What a waste of time, another effort to get personal information under the guise of a survey. You should be ashamed. 

Someone from QLD commented:

I don't have permission to do the survey. 

Helen from NSW commented:

Having had a blood clot last year, I’m opting for the original vaccine but because I’m in the 1B group, I can’t get it. So silly! 

Someone from VIC commented:

Department of health website, 210 deaths in 13 weeks, after receiving covid vaccine, aged people & mostly in aged care, very sad. So, no I WILL NOT be getting the vaccine. Would not have it anyway. Funny how 1 death for road toll is one too many, but death is worth the risk for a vaccine. What is the true agenda behind this. 

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