NewsHave YOUR Say in this 5-Minute COVID Vaccine Survey
Have YOUR Say in this 5-Minute COVID Vaccine Survey

Have YOUR Say in this 5-Minute COVID Vaccine Survey

Families, friends, colleagues and even our leaders have varied views as to what we FiftyUps should do about COVID vaccination - so it’s time to hear once and for all what YOU think.

Many people seek to speak for those aged over 50 but here’s a chance to anonymously and powerfully speak for yourself and see what your age cohort really thinks! Take our 5-minute COVID-19 Vaccination Survey here.

This is a simple online survey which should take no more than five minutes of your time.

It’s totally anonymous and there’s no claim for statistical significance - although with 400,000+ members we’d hope to cast some light on older Australians’ views.

At the end there’ll be room to make any comments too if you wish. We’d ask you to complete the survey ASAP so we can publish the results next week and you can see what other FiftyUps think and feel.

Click here to take the FiftyUp Club’s COVID-19 Vaccination Survey


Any information is general advice, it does not take into account your individual circumstances, objectives, financial situation or needs.

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Someone from NSW commented:

I also could not connect ? I am 68 male had my first A Z shot last week no problem at all .Stop listining to all the BS You have more chance of getting killed on the road than blood clots.Do the right thing get which ever vaccine you are offered. 

Ralph from WA commented:

Please let me preface my comments by saying that I'm fully supportive of EVERONE being fully vaccinated against this awful virus, but I'm sick and tired of being told that because of my age I can only have the choice of one type of vaccine---one which in rare cases, kills or severely affects the recipient. I am in total agreement with Greg from QLD. I'm 62 and have some significant underlying health problems, but will NOT be taking the AZ vaccine. Although the clot risks seem to be very small, I would not like to be the one in 100,000 who ends up with life-threatening complications from this jab. If offered the Phizer, I would have my sleeve rolled up in 5 seconds flat. My wife who is also in her 60's feels exactly the same. It seems to me that older Aussies are being discriminated against (again). Maybe the 50 up club could start up a petition urging the federal government to allow older Australians their choice of vaccines? 

Chris from VIC commented:

Link not working. Having our first Astra-Zeneca shot on 3 June. Not really happy we have to wait 12 weeks for the second jab would prefer the Pfizer shot only 21 days to wait for second shot but is not available for our age group 79 & 80 year old. Chris 

Someone from QLD commented:

Another WOFTAM!!! I am instructed to register with Google Forms!! Yeah! Might be useful? Only discover I don not have permission from the "Owner" to access! So login again, still no permission! Am starting to wonder how much of a CON this "CLUB" might be CSI Team Member! 

Joan from QLD commented:

Tried to take the survey but google says I don’t have access to the form so I’ll make a comment instead. I am 67 and would love to get the jab, but until the PM gives me a choice I will wait until the Pfizer vaccine is available for everyone. I will not get the Astra Zeneca one for 2 reasons - the blood clotting issue is over all ages not just under 50’s and the Pfizer vaccine is more effective-90+% compared to 76% for the A Z one. I am extremely unhappy about the PM removing my freedom of choice from the equation. Joan from Qld 

Paul from QLD commented:

Your link does not work. But I have had my first AZ jab, and was always going to get it. People need to stop being so selfish, and stupid, the quicker we are all vaccinated, the quicker we can go back to a normal world 

Someone from WA commented:

Retiree from WA I feel the need for people to stop the whingeing and thinking only of themselves , get on board with the vaccination programme in the hope of getting some normality back to the world for all. I had no reaction whatsoever to first shot ,second due in July. Did not do survey as unable to connect link 

Greg from QLD commented:

I’m 64 and would love to get vaccinated with Pfizer. At this stage I will not get the astra Zeneca jab. Not only are we at greater risk of severe infection from COVID-19 the government also wants me to risk blood clots however small that risk is. Why are younger Australians given the safer vaccine given their risk of death from the virus is a lot less than over 60’s. If the government wants all Australians to get vaccinated give me my democratic right to select which vaccine I can have. 

Someone from WA commented:

The link will not work 

Someone from WA commented:

The link to the survey did not work 

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