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How to clean your house on a shoestring

The cost of living keeps heading skywards, but not everything around the house needs to break the bank. We’ve rolled up our sleeves, pulled on the rubber gloves and compiled a list of the thriftiest household cleaning products. Tell us yours too.  LEMONS And you thought they were just for gin and tonic… Turns out lemons are a secret weapon […]

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Why Frank told his electricity supplier to go jump

“I was with Origin and getting a 14% discount,” writes FiftyUp Club member Frank Ius, pictured. “No notice was given to me that my contract had expired and when I got my next bill I only received a 1% discount. “When I questioned this, their reply was that this is their standard procedure. Well, that day I changed to Click […]

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10 ways to get fit without getting ripped (off)

We’ve had some members ask us to source discounted gym memberships for FiftyUps. We’ll see what we can do, but in the meantime here are our tips for getting fit without paying exorbitant membership fees. 1. Interested in joining a gym but keen to avoid wall-to-wall meatheads? Many gyms offer free trial sessions. Or check out sites like GymLink, where […]

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How to cut the Federal Budget without cutting the Pension

After a spate of stories about whether the pension could be targeted to find savings for the federal budget, Federal Age Discrimination Commissioner Susan Ryan had a radical suggestion. How about reducing the cost of the pension by keeping older people in the workforce, if they’d prefer to work longer? So we asked Ms Ryan for 10 practical ways we can cut the […]

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30,000+ FiftyUps Join The Club To Get The Rewards They Deserve

More than 30,000 consumers have now joined a new club designed to get Australia’s best customers the special offers and products they deserve. One Big Switch and Macquarie Radio Network have combined forces to create the FiftyUp Club, an initiative focused on giving a voice to customers 50 and over and harnessing their combined buying power. Over-50s are in many […]

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