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Top Tips For Saving Money On Christmas Lunch

As the big day begins to creep ever closer, Christmas dinner can be the one thing that stresses people more than anything else.  You’ve survived the Christmas shopping, opened the presents and rather than sitting back and relaxing, you now have to put lunch or dinner on for a bunch of people. Apart from the stress of actually cooking the food, it can be a very expensive exercise. But t... Read more

5 Ways To Save Some Extra Bucks

If you’re like me, you have many things competing for financial priority in your life.  I know I should be saving more but it’s hard when the bills just keep coming in. I guess I’m doing better than most in that I don’t own a credit card. I sensibly got rid of them all when my marriage broke up. This hasn’t stoped me from borrowing money over the years for things like home improvements bu... Read more

Making Supermarket Loyalty Programs Work For You

When the Flybuys reward program launched onto the scene in 1994 it was hugely popular. More than a million Aussie households joined up in the first 6 weeks. Mind you, at the time airfares were a lot more expensive than they are now so the idea of getting free travel was very appealing.  It didn’t take long for most of us to work out that you would need to spend thousands to redeem a flig... Read more

Home Brand Myths Busted - How to cut your grocery bill practically in half

Homebrands are slightly cheaper than the big brands, but not as good, right?  While that might have been the case in the past, it’s no longer true according to these experts. A Nine News Investigation recently busted the homebrand myth and uncovered how shoppers can save hundreds of dollars on their next grocery bill without sacrificing on quality. Budgeting expert Michelle House compa... Read more

The websites that help you hunt down bargains

Everyone loves a bargain, right? Well you don’t have to look too far to find one. Over one 15-hour period this week I received these savings alerts to my personal email: Australia Post – Free shipping with Shipster Ozsale – Free delivery one time only – save 37 per cent Jetstar – Fares to Perth from $105 Kogan Mobile – Free 16GB 30 Day plan Camera House – Canon S... Read more

Savings Tips When You Buy A Car

The annual list of Australia’s best value cars - across key price ranges and category types was unveiled by WHEELS magazine this week. Wheels Magazine Editor Alex Inwood spoke to us on the Daily Drive show and said “cars are a big investment so it’s important to understand the real costs involved in owning a car.” Wheels tested more than 2,500 cars with one car named the winner in eac... Read more

...Back When I Was A Spoilt Brat

About 20 years ago I was fortunate to have a rather highly paid job. There was plenty of stress that went along with it but I was earning really good coin. As the saying goes, most good things come to an end and that gravy-train stopped eventually.  No longer was I able to buy what I wanted, where I wanted it and when I wanted it. I got tips from friends about saving money including things l... Read more

The New Way to save on Petrol costs

    While travelling in the US a few years back, I picked up a copy of a foreigner's guide to Australia. I was looking forward to reading about all the great things about my country. The first line deflated my balloon. “Australians are lovely, warm people….until they get behind the wheel of a car.” What makes normally easy-going, friendly people suddenly lose it on the road? ... Read more

Try a Spending Ban

A couple of “big ticket” bills have popped up on my radar recently including major roof repairs needed after a recent storm and the discovery of termites in the garage. It’s times like this that you understand the value of an emergency fund… I wish I had one!  While I try and work these expenses into an already tight family budget, I’m clutching my wallet shut in an effort to curb spending. ... Read more

Training your brain to save more

Saving more money, it’s something most of us would like to do but a lot of us struggle. A new report from the University of Melbourne claims we can train our brains into saving more money….but it involves taking a look at yourself… in the future. Basically the research found that when it comes to money, our brains try to persuade us to spend now for an immediate reward rather than save for t... Read more