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PODCAST: Explaining the July 1 Energy Changes

Big changes are coming to the energy market on July 1, but almost nobody knows anything about it. So how does it affect us? What do we need to do to be prepared? What will a good energy deal look like post-July 1? Christopher Zinn speaks to One Big Switch campaign director Joel Gibson, who explains all of what we know so far. Gibson lays out the facts in a way the average consumer will... Read more

PODAST: Can Baby Boomers Redefine Retirement?

Baby Boomers redefined so many aspects of life as we know it during the 60s and 70s, but can they redefine retirement? In the second edition of the FiftyUp Club’s new  podcast series, Christopher Zinn speaks to Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia CEO Martin Fahy. Fahy gives informative answers, with some strongly opposing the views of Grattan Institute CEO John Daley in p... Read more

New Podcast Series: How much money do you REALLY need to retire?

When you read about a ‘magic number’ that you’ll need for a comfortable retirement, does it sound right to you? Is your number the same as your friend’s or neighbour’s, or should it be different? In this first edition of the FiftyUp Club’s new podcast series, we ask ‘How much money do you REALLY need to retire?’ Christopher Zinn speaks to Grattan Institute CEO John Daley, a critic of t... Read more