What’s in a Father’s Day card, apart from the only message which counts: 'I love you'

It showed some conceit but I bought myself a Father’s Day card this year to give to my teenage son. He’s now living far away and might not get around to recognising this quaint custom. It reads: "Thanks DAD for everything you taught me and every adventure we shared… it’s all here with me, wherever I go.” The card was adorned with maps, compasses and globes. My wife, as ever wise to such m... Read more

What’s the right time to plan the great life events of birth, marriage and death?

I am listening to a CD of wedding classics, including Ave Maria which was played at our own nuptials, while ticking off a checklist of steps to take in planning for my death. It might seem a macabre amalgam of thinking about one’s life events, especially since (like most of us I hope) I am not preparing to die anytime soon. But the vast majority of us spend more time considering our holid... Read more

There’s no right time to face hard decisions but plenty of wrong times - and it's easy to be too late

There are so many seemingly important decisions to make in our lives, especially in later life, that it’s easy to lose sight of the truly big ones. Certainly the FiftyUp Club website gives plenty of food for thought around bills such as energy, general household insurance and life insurance. And while you are never too young, or too old, to want to pay a fair amount for these necessary se... Read more

Why I call us the 'Re-Generation' Generation

It’s touted as one of the first examples of lifestyle marketing - a catchy slogan in the early 1960s a few FiftyUp Club members may recall. “You’re in the Pepsi Generation,” the soft-drink ads echoed as it sought to seduce hip youngsters away from Coke with little long-term success. But if we need a slogan for our times, which promises more than a few bubbles, might I suggest one for thos... Read more

INSURANCE SAVINGS GUIDE: 'Insurer of the Year' - Home Insurance Rorts Revealed - Car Insurance Rebates - Hardship programs - Multi-policy Discounts Tested

 IN THIS GUIDE: NEW: Renewal Reminder Service "Insurer of the Year" award announced Trick or treat? We put Multi-policy Discounts to the test The truth about Home Insurance premiums: some providers charge DOUBLE what others do Some Car Insurers are offering partial refunds or gift cards to customers who are driving less Relief packages including discounts for those who have lo... Read more

HEALTH INSURANCE SAVINGS GUIDE: Top 7 Ways to Save - Free Sunnies - Refunds up to $1800 - Beat the Elective Surgery Backlog - Rebates & Relief Packages

 IN THIS GUIDE: My Top 7 ways to save on Health Insurance UPDATED: Health Insurance COVID-19 Discounts The FREE Sunglasses Trick How to beat the 400,000-person Elective Surgery backlog Why March, June & Sept are a great time to score Health Insurance deals     ⚕️ MY TOP 7 WAYS TO SAVE ON HEALTH INSURANCE ⚕️ There are a few classic tricks to try that could... Read more

ENERGY SAVINGS GUIDE: Govt Efficiency Freebies - 5yr Price Low - My 10/15 Rule of Thumb - 3-Step Winter Bill Checklist - Full list of Energy Concessions - The Golden Rule if you can't pay

IN THIS GUIDE: Save $300-$400 a year as wholesale energy prices hit 5-year low.  My 10/15 Rule of Thumb for spotting cheap electricity 3-step Energy Efficiency Checklist  101 Energy-Saving Ideas Got a big bill? Do the A-B-C NEW list of Govt Efficiency Freebies  The Golden Rule if you can't pay a bill: Retailer Hardship programs State-by-state list of relief payments availa... Read more

Club brings back its biggest lifetime discount yet on Life Insurance

Who could use an extra $755?   I’m John Mangos, and that’s how much a 60-year-old could save on life insurance, in just the FIRST year, by taking up the biggest lifetime discount ever unlocked at   That’s right. A 60-year-old male non-smoker taking out $400,000 of Life cover could save over $750 in year one alone.   That’s because you’ll get a 22% discount¹ every year you... Read more

Club unlocks new special energy deals from Origin in time for summer air con bills

The FiftyUp Club has successfully unlocked a series of summer energy offers from Origin in time for the summer air con season, which typically produces some of the year’s biggest bills. Thanks to the people power of more than 360,000 members to date, the Club has sourced special electricity discounts for a limited time that could save some homes hundreds of dollars. In New South Wales’ Au... Read more

Whether you call it a 'loyalty tax' or a 'stupidity tax' - it should still be avoided!

There’s a lot to be said about a name. What we call things can have a big impact on how we deal with them. More recently there’s been a call to replace the misunderstood term ‘loyalty tax’ with the harsher and more hurtful ‘stupidity tax’. Many of us pay more for things than we need to, especially when it comes to electricity, insurances and home loans, but is this due to loyalty o... Read more