Can career advice help older Australians get a job?

In what it bills as an Australian first, the NSW government has announced everyone in the state can soon have free, confidential career advice. Unemployment figures are down, some job markets are booming - but can such an initiative make a difference for older workers? First, a disclosure: after a redundancy some years ago, I was offered a career adviser. I found him so helpful  I gladly ... Read more

5 Things That Got My Goat (or Tickled My Fancy) This Week

WHERE THERE’S A HOME FIRE BURNING, THERE NEEDS TO BE LESS SMOKE ACCORDING TO A NEW GREEN EDICT I have some guilty pleasures, and luxuriating, even inebriating, in front of a roaring wood fire in winter is undoubtedly one. But the stakes are being raised in the battle to dampen down such domestic blazes with claims they are not good for you or the environment.  A cold draft is one reaso... Read more

Do you believe the predictions we are going to live longer, healthier lives?

An American baseball player Casey Stengel once said: “Never make predictions, especially about the future.” So many predictions have been made about older people’s health, wealth and longevity and some have fortunately been shown to be plain wrong. I lost faith in demographers when they failed to pinpoint a baby-boom and our local primary school was flooded with applicants. They had a... Read more

How can we make Aged Care live up to its name?

It's hard enough admitting our own mortality. So it's perhaps no surprise that another inevitability of getting on, namely aged care, is often pushed into our 'too hard' basket. Anyone who has navigated the existing system, either for themselves or a family member, will attest to its many difficulties, as highlighted by the damning findings of the Royal Commission. So what as a nation... Read more

More older Australians ditch high-interest credit for Buy Now Pay Later options

We've spoken about it before, but this story keeps getting bigger: one in four users of the two leading Buy Now Pay Later payment systems are now classified as 'older'. Perhaps it's the dread of what credit cards can get you in for or curiosity about this new non-interest product? Read our media release below and click the image to see my recent interview on the new media platform Tickern... Read more

I’ve consciously just entered the last quarter of my life aged 63 - so what now?

As with financial years and sports games, life itself can be divided into quarters. If so, I’ve just entered the last quarter of mine when last week I turned 63. There’s no trepidation or fear. It’s just a number, but given the Beatles song "When I’m Sixty-four" and the pension age now north of 65, the mid-sixties might just prove to be significant. I looked up my life expectancy on an AB... Read more

Why it's not just crazy to discriminate against older workers — it's also illegal

Could older workers be under threat? Spokesman for the FiftyUp Club, Christopher Zinn, explains why they're worried!— Studio 10 (@Studio10au) February 22, 2021 Getting older is one thing but being denied access to work because of your birthdate is quite another, and illegal to boot if it amounts to discrimination. But how aged does an older worker need to be, i... Read more

How FiftyUp Members roared back with suggestions to grow the Club

When I penned a piece last month suggesting this decade could be the over fifties own 'Roaring Twenties' your keyboards lit up like a 1920's prohibition bootlegger's blazing Tommy gun. There was burst after burst of members' great ideas. You can still see in full after the original blog here or check out my summary below. They range from issues we face with new technology, access to work ... Read more

The Big Solar Question: What to do Next?

One of the most winning and straightforward offers I ever enjoyed was installing solar panels on my roof from my energy company. It was a small array by today’s terms, but they did all the work and, apart from a bung inverter which later needed replacing, it’s delivered non-stop savings to my power bill. These used to be very substantial thanks to the once-generous government-backed Feed-... Read more

NEWSFLASH: Older Australians use high-tech - sometimes enthusiastically - if it makes sense to them

News this week that one-quarter of the users of the brightest financial technology services on the block are aged over 45* helps dispel ingrained stereotypes about age. Older people own a wide range of devices, wearables, apps etc. more confidently than is popularly thought. But there’s a problem. Their confidence can wane with using them because there’s rarely any input from elders into ... Read more