The great Aussie summer seaside campsite— will we ever see its like again?

The campsite on the coastal headland has a vivid scene of canvas architectural wonders. But something this year, apart from the bushfires' shadow, changed. For many years every summer I'd marvel at the pitched awnings, sturdy guy ropes and weatherproofed coverings which would put an old-time circus to shame. These were not just tents; they were temporary egalitarian palaces erected by fam... Read more

Why we’re going to get older but not always milder in the "Roaring Twenties"

Now our century has formally come of age, at least by hitting the once-sacred 21 years old milestone, it’s worth asking if older Australians represent a bona fide social movement. The ageing population are a demographic phenomenon largely thanks to their sheer numbers triggered long ago by many parents’ post-WW2 procreation. Consider also that anyone aged 50 and over is labelled as a matu... Read more

Nudging your way to a better New Year, one elbow at a time

Rather than New Year’s Resolutions, which are bound for failure, here are a few nudges to help 2021 and beyond be more fun, fruitful and fulfilling. They’re entirely idiosyncratic, in no particular order and shamelessly drawn from others’ experience and wisdom. They also work and are mostly achievable. Above all, they are simple and short in number and shouldn’t be too challenging to star... Read more

How to close the gap on pesky health insurance gap payments

If you fear some of the intricacies of navigating private health insurance, like being stung financially, here's a straightforward fix which could save you hundreds. When the doctor or specialist's office sends you a letter with the operation's item numbers, so you can check with your fund that you are covered, try just one thing. Don't be shy, don't wait to be asked and don't hesitate: m... Read more

Exposed—the high cost of being too loyal with your home loan

It may be hard to believe, but the banks stand accused of not only making it difficult to compare home loans but also ensuring switching to cheaper mortgages is trickier than it could be. Incredible, isn’t it?  Perhaps not, given their track record of erecting hurdles in front of those of us merely seeking a better deal for what can be our most costly outlay. What is incredible is despite... Read more

Spend, spend, spend the new mantra for retirement, as too many go to the grave loaded

Older generations have long called out the young for being wasteful with their limited resources. For example, what about the furore over their alleged preference for high-priced smashed avocado? But now the boot is on the other foot. Retirees are being egged on to spend their money in savings, super and even the family home before it’s all too late and their children are the beneficiaries o... Read more

The smarter ways to make ends meet at Christmas

It hardly needs saying that it pays to avoid high-interest borrowing, be that credit cards or payday lenders, especially at Christmas. Those who pay top dollar over the festive season to finance their purchases, even the necessities, presumably feel they have no other choices. Few would sample the delights of the payday lender, whether online or in the shopping strip, if they thought th... Read more

Even if you can’t fix it, we all need a right to repair

Older people make better repairers. It may not be as racy as claiming we are better lovers, but it’s more likely to be true. Surely more people over 50 can mend, stick, fix, glue, solder or stitch and breathe new life into an item, be it clothing or a car, which might otherwise be discarded. Granted, the young are better at activating digital devices and addressing error messages, but sad... Read more

The Smart Way to Pay for a Holiday

The best travel deals don’t wait. So if you see a great deal or you need to book a flight ASAP and you don’t have the cash on hand, what are the Smart Ways (and the Dumb Ways) to pay for it? We’ve looked at the options from Cash to Debit cards, Buy Now Pay Later, Credit Cards and Payday Loans. Below you can see what the cost of each option is for a $1500 holiday, and what the worst... Read more

How Joe Biden, aged 77, could be the poster boy for older workers

The irony and injustice of age discrimination at work, as the best candidate is not always ‘young’ and experience does matter, has been highlighted by the US elections. After an exhaustive selection process two men in their seventies were chosen to complete for a plum role, and after a robust battle, the older man won. The President of the United States is not your average job yet the age... Read more