When Screening for a Male-Only Cancer Can Cause Real Problems

  A recent surgical procedure to correct an irritating and common condition in older men caused me to ponder on the following question:  More screening for more cancers is a good thing, if it leads to earlier interventions which then help save more lives? Yes, unless you are talking about prostate cancer as a major study out this week has revealed yet again.  The irony is that w... Read more

Is Your Bank Trying to Scam You?

Every day it becomes easier for hackers and scammers to pose as your bank in an attempt to harvest your personal details and login credentials, and whilst your bank isn’t trying to scam you, people posing as your bank may be. ANZ recently shared details of an online email phishing scam that will attempt to steal your login details by asking you to provide “challenge questions,” and direc... Read more

PODAST: Can Baby Boomers Redefine Retirement?

Baby Boomers redefined so many aspects of life as we know it during the 60s and 70s, but can they redefine retirement? In the second edition of the FiftyUp Club’s new  podcast series, Christopher Zinn speaks to Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia CEO Martin Fahy. Fahy gives informative answers, with some strongly opposing the views of Grattan Institute CEO John Daley in p... Read more

This One Trick Could Save You Hundreds

We’ve said it again and again. Compare. Compare. Compare. And if the third time isn’t a charm, how about saving up to $1,416 a year in household bills. What could you do with an extra $1,416 a year? When does your mobile phone contract expire?What about your broadband? How about your energy? Health insurance? Car insurance? Do we need to go on? The perfect time to nego... Read more

Are You Breaking these Road Rules?

Do you have dirt on your number plate, making it unreadable? That’ll set you back $415 dollars and 3 demerit points in NSW. If you’re in QLD, that’ll cost you about $341 and in VIC it’s 3 demerit points and $161. A dirty plate is a costly mistake. If you park on a footpath in VIC, you’ll pay an $85 fine and a $126 one in QLD. In NSW, if you drive through a puddle and splash bus ... Read more

The Most important Letter You’ll Receive this Month

Like hundreds of thousands of Australians will do over the coming weeks, I just received a letter from my health fund bearing bad news. For yet another year in a row, my health premium is going up. And while normally I would have skim-read this annual correspondence I’ve come to expect, this year I paid close attention. Why? Because not only did the letter tell me I would ne... Read more

10 Golden Rules of Private Health Insurance

While the real Golden Rule is treating others as one's self would wish to be treated. Here are the 10 Golden Rules of Private Health Insurance. Read any and all letters or written information from your health fund Your health fund will communicate to you changes in your cover., like the April 1 premium increase. It will send a letter (or email if you’ve opted for paperless communicati... Read more

How to Save on Health Insurance

If you aren’t aware, changes in Health Insurance premiums are coming. On April 1, health insurance premiums will increase by an industry standard of 3.25%. Some health insurance funds will be more and some will be lower. If you’re lucky enough to have one that’s on the lower end, congrats. But if you’re with a provider raising their premiums by more than 3.25%, here are 6 ways to save on He... Read more

How Power Prices are Completely Changing on July 1

From July 1, power prices in Australia will never be the same again. The years of discounts as big as 45% in some states, and prices that are some of the biggest in the world, are over. That’s because the federal government has acted to introduce a new ‘Default Market Offer’, or benchmark bill, for your electricity. This change will affect millions of Aussies in the switching areas... Read more

13 Travel Etiquette Tips

Summer is wrapping up, and many of us are gearing up to get out of here for a few weeks during the cooler months. If you’re like me, you might have noticed there’s almost always one person who think they’re the only one using the airline. Whether you’re lucky enough to be an experienced traveller, or you’re leaving the country for the first time, I put together 13 travel etiquette tip... Read more