Why Boomers Determined That Drink And Drugs Are Not Just The Follies Of Youth

The headline was click bait to anyone interested in the excesses, or perhaps the quite normal behaviour, of baby boomers given their rampant history with drugs. “A 60-year-old woman was among more than 20 ageing boppers arrested for possessing ecstasy or cocaine on their way to a music festival starring Boy George at Sydney’s Ivy nightclub on the weekend,” ran the Daily Telegraph. Des... Read more

Does Your Loyalty Cost You

From July 1 there’s a major change in insurance – last year’s premium for home and contents, and for cars, must be displayed on premium renewal notices. Using my powers under NSW legislation, and after a battle lasting several years, I have required this. Seeing the writing on the wall, all insurers and major brands have implemented this charge nationally, affecting almost 10 million hou... Read more

FAQs July 1 Electricity Changes

On July 1 2019, the energy market made the biggest changes to electricity offers in a generation. Here is what you need to know. 1. What has changed on July 1? The Government has changed how electricity offers have to be described from July 1, 2019. The Government has created a new ‘default offer’ or ‘reference price’, and all discount offers have to be compared to that. For exampl... Read more

PODCAST: Explaining the July 1 Energy Changes

Big changes are coming to the energy market on July 1, but almost nobody knows anything about it. So how does it affect us? What do we need to do to be prepared? What will a good energy deal look like post-July 1? Christopher Zinn speaks to One Big Switch campaign director Joel Gibson, who explains all of what we know so far. Gibson lays out the facts in a way the average consumer will... Read more

Are You Aware of the Upcoming Life Insurance Changes?

If there’s one important area we can be guilty of overlooking, even avoiding, more than our superannuation and that’s life insurance.  And when that life cover is included within your super it’s easy to naively assume both the payouts will be sufficient and premiums good value. With luck and judgement that might be the case but the costs of life cover are going up, we are all getting ... Read more

July 1 Superannuation Changes That Could Cost You Dearly

Would you open and read a letter if it could save you or your loved ones in the event of a serious accident or worse? I like to think I’d bother, even if it came from my super fund, but most don’t agree as figures around a massive alert being sent out about changes to life insurance have shown. Australian Super sent out notifications to 220,000 members affected by the July 1 changes w... Read more

Don’t Miss These Drinks When You’re in Vietnam!

When you find any country where the two drinks you love most in life are both of terrific quality and amazingly cheap it’s worth whetting your whistle. With one just beverage bias to satisfy it’s easy. Think Mexico and tequila or wine and France or India and tea. But to get lucky with two luscious liquids is rarer.  A few sad individuals might dream of Scotland and its whisky and Irn-Bru ... Read more

4 Steps to Feel as Happy as Billionaire

It doesn’t take much more than four steps to feel as happy as a billionaire! When it comes to seeking worldly advice it’s perhaps more useful to ask what makes someone happy as opposed to salivate over how they spent their money… especially if they are worth north of $96 billion. Such is the wealth and generosity of Bill Gates, you can find out both in these stories but given I don’t ... Read more

Don't Blame the Baby Boomers for Getting on With Life

Just before the Budget, the authoritative but little-known Parliamentary Budget Office issued some illuminating and non-partisan research into the costs of our ageing population. And while these reports are manna from heaven for pundits, policy wonks and think tanks to put their own spin on there’s also plenty of food for thought for us lesser mortals i.e. those they are talking about. ... Read more