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Is it worth ditching extras cover from your health insurance?

The one quickest and simplest ways to save money on your private health insurance may be to uncouple yourself from the extras but it’s advice many chose not to follow. You can easily do away with the part of your policy which covers dentists, physios, optical and a range of other allied health professionals and at a stroke save hundreds of dollars. While it might make financial sense for ... Read more

The Most important Letter You’ll Receive this Month

Like hundreds of thousands of Australians will do over the coming weeks, I just received a letter from my health fund bearing bad news. For yet another year in a row, my health premium is going up. And while normally I would have skim-read this annual correspondence I’ve come to expect, this year I paid close attention. Why? Because not only did the letter tell me I would ne... Read more

10 Golden Rules of Private Health Insurance

While the real Golden Rule is treating others as one's self would wish to be treated. Here are the 10 Golden Rules of Private Health Insurance. Read any and all letters or written information from your health fund Your health fund will communicate to you changes in your cover., like the April 1 premium increase. It will send a letter (or email if you’ve opted for paperless communicati... Read more

How to Save on Health Insurance

If you aren’t aware, changes in Health Insurance premiums are coming. On April 1, health insurance premiums will increase by an industry standard of 3.25%. Some health insurance funds will be more and some will be lower. If you’re lucky enough to have one that’s on the lower end, congrats. But if you’re with a provider raising their premiums by more than 3.25%, here are 6 ways to save on He... Read more

Which Level of Health Cover is For You? Gold, Silver, Bronze or Basic?

As the April 1 health care changes looms, the biggest decision you’ll have to make is what type of cover you want. The four tier product change will affect the 55% of the population covered by private health insurance. So which level of coverage is right for you? It all depends on what you need in your life. The change in health insurance is help consumers compare different hospital trea... Read more

Do You Need Private Health Insurance

70.9% of Australians that have private health insurance say “that above all else, private health insurance is about knowing that you will be able to cover the cost of big medical expenses if they arise”. That’s according to Roy Morgan’s Single Survey (Australia). While attitudes regarding private health insurance decline and premiums continue to rise each year, many are often scratching ... Read more

How Much is Your Health Insurance Increasing By?

It’s a new year and we all know what that means...Health Insurance premium increases are coming. If you’ve got health cover, you can scroll down to see what your fund’s average increase will be. They range from under 2% to almost 6%! But it’s also going to be a big year for changes to Health Insurance, so you need to know what’s coming. Here is what is changing: All policies cat... Read more

How to Pick a Health Plan

While Australian residents are covered by Medicare, it does not cover some items such as most dental care, eye exams, dentures and more. This is where having private health insurance comes into play. With private health insurance you can have a plan that covers “hospital”, “extras”, and “hospital and extras”. Hospital only cover helps cover the cost of in-hospital treatment by you... Read more

What the Coming Health Insurance Changes Mean for You

The Federal Government has successfully passed “a wide ranging package of reforms” to Private Health Insurance that will come into effect by April 1 next year. Will this mean a drop in your insurance premiums? The short answer is: It all depends. HERE’S WHAT SOME OF THE LATEST CHANGES MIGHT MEAN FOR YOU Change #1: All policies categorised Every hospital policy will have to be... Read more

Busting Health Insurance Myths

There are a lot of myths out there about health insurance but FiftyUp Club is here to bust those myths so you can save money! Keep reading if you’re ready to learn the truth! MYTH: I’ve found a health insurer so I don’t need to change my policy. It is always a good idea to speak to  your provider regularly and discuss with them how your life has changed {e.g: you stopped smoki... Read more